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Resources for conscious living

Business Network
Business Network sponsors a weekly 7:15 AM breakfast meeting every Thursday at the Willamette Athletic Club, 4949 SW Landing Drive, in John's Landing. All meetings cover real estate and small business issues. Presentation and breakfast is $8.00 for guests and visitors, coffee $3.00, free parking. For more information contact moderator, John Poling at (503) 810-8382 or write P.O. Box 8608, Portland, OR 97207.

Thursday, July 1st
REAL ESTATE ROUND TABLE. John Poling (phone 810-8382) will host a discussion about real estate investment, development, remodeling and new construction. He has 40 yearsí experience in the Portland market. Learn about recent trends, tax tips, mortgage options and buy/sell/trade criteria. Bring your questions and ideas and join the panel discussion every first Thursday of every month.

Thursday, July 8th
COMPASSIONATE CAMBRIDGE CAPITALIST. London merchant, banker and attorney for 35 years, Geoffrey Knight (503-246-7300) has recently moved to Portland to establish his Hypnotherapy practice. His unique combination of wisdom, experience and compassion blend to allow him to look deep into his clientís life. Come and talk with him about the fears, phobias and habits that prevent you from reaching your full potential. See program preview at

Thursday, July 15th
HOW TO MAKE YOUR DEALS IRRESISTIBLE! Tom Caddy of National Marketing Associates (503-297-4835) will show you how to increase your sales power by 25% to 1000% easily. "Interesting seminar Ö we were all challenged and pushed out of our comfort zone!" Chris Hamilton, Stan Wiley Realtors. Learn how to Build Trust and Rapport with your clients within minutes and Add Excitement to Cold Calls.

Thursday, July 22nd
EXECUTIVE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT. Sharon Fleming-Barrett (503-223-7639) speaks on the latest trends and laws affecting real estate rentals. Sharon has spent years representing the real estate industry before Oregonís legislature in landlord-tenant law. She shares her years of experience in a very energetic and informative way.

Thursday, July 29th
WEB PAGE DESIGN. The last time we presented the topic of building your web page we had a great discussion. Many Business Network members have web pages or offer web page services. This meeting will feature Don Berg (503-515-4268), the original designer of Community ConneXionís web page, plus several other web page specialists.

Thursday, August 5th
See July 1st Program

Thursday, August 12th
N.L.P. IN BUSINESS. Ray Twine, M.A. (503-281-3835), an English Psychologist, will be speaking on the leading edge techniques of Neurolinguistic Programming: 1) Creating Business Outcomes, 2) Flexibility with Clients, 3) Understanding Behavior Change. Mr. Twine is author of the book Teaching How to Learn and has conducted many workshops and seminars on mind stuff.

Thursday, August 19th
THE ANSWER MAN. Don Robbins (503-297-2000) will again share his words of wisdom and years of experience in real estate, securities and now the internet. Bring all of your questions and be prepared for a challenge.

Thursday, August 26th
INTERNATIONAL INVESTING, presented by Bruce Mock (503-256-1839, email:, advisor to the West Indies Stock Exchange. His last presentation had a large turnout, so come early. He will present the latest information on the Given In Freedom Trust (GIFT) from Legacy Trust Company in Nevis.

Thursday, September 2nd
See July 1st Program

Thursday, September 9th
SALLY PARKS of Mainlander Property Management in Lake Oswego will be doing her farewell and introducing her replacement, Bette Durham (503-635-4477, ext 21). In June Sally shared their rental survey and summary of 1999 landlord-tenant law changes. You will get the best real estate rental information in town