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August 11, 1999 Total Eclipse of the Sun
Catalyst for Global and Personal Transformation
by Mark Dodich

Get ready to crank up the energies of transformation as we head into the last Total Solar Eclipse of the 1900's. The path cut by major total eclipses has been associated with civil wars and changes in political leadership. Eclipses mark a time when both the world and you can shift into a more enlightened reality.

A solar eclipse occurs when the new moon passes between the earth and the sun at an angle that temporarily blocks out the rays of the sun. The August 11th eclipse path ranges from Nova Scotia to its highest peak of totality over Romania, and ends over the Bay of Bengal, India. Countries under the eclipse path are typically in the news at least six months before and after the eclipse.

On an energetic level, a solar eclipse may manifest as an interruption in your life. You could say that the busyness of your daily life is interrupted by the inner calling of your soul. Some people experience mild depression in the three months prior and after a major eclipse. This is not because the Universe is out to get you. It is because you have allowed the events of the transitory outer world to cast a shadow over your true soul desire. False beliefs about what you have to do vs. what you really want to do rise to the surface of your consciousness.

At the eclipse, all of those core desires come out of the shadows and call for attention. Make an increased effort to meditate, pray, play, and process fears this summer. This empowers you to release thoughts and activities that are draining you. Give yourself the opportunity to direct energy into some project that secretly calls to you, even if it isn't logical. Because this eclipse is in Leo, it is important to avoid excessive and stubborn pride. Leading your global tribe to a better way of life is the opportunity and responsibility at this time.

To personalize the effects of the August eclipse, you will want to look at the part of your natal astrology chart containing the signs Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpio. If you don't know your astrology chart, don't worry. Odds are excellent that you have at least one of the ten planets astrologers' use in these signs. Endurance, stability, and perseverance in the face of obstacles are all traits of these signs. However, they also need to learn to let go of outdated values, stubbornness, and excessively fixed thinking.

As an example, Bill Clinton is a Leo. Both the August 1998 and 1999 solar eclipses landed in proud and dramatic Leo. At last year's eclipse, the highly graphic Starr report was made public. President Clinton could no longer hide from his "fixed" statements regarding his relationship with Monica Lewinsky. His Leo self-identity went through a soul-searching process of transformation. The 1999 eclipse will show us what he learned.

You can also see the effects of an eclipse on a global level. Eclipses occur in cycles, so it is helpful to go back to the "parent" of the August 11th eclipse. In the year 1639, a Prince in the Balkans set himself up to be emperor, the Ottoman (Turkish) Sultan took Baghdad away from Persia (Iran), and Japan closed its borders to outsiders. In 1999, there is another "emperor" in the Balkans. The Mid-East situation is far from resolved, and there are economic trade barrier and Chinese embassy bombing issues with Asia. As you can see, life moves in cycles on both global and personal levels.

To get a better understanding of action zones, astrologers calculate planetary power zones. Many people know these location lines under the names EARTHLINES™ or AstroCartoGraphy®. "Hot Zones" include Pakistan and Afghanistan. The region is under the heavy influence of Pluto (power struggles, death, Plutonium) for the eclipse. The Iran-Iraq border is under the restrictive power of Saturn. This could intensify border disputes in the Kurdish rebel area. Italy is under the influence of communicative Mercury and spiritual Neptune. Topics can range from deceptive conversations regarding the Balkans, to chemical weapons, to the best solution - enlightened peace talks.

Interestingly, the Pacific NW is also under the influence of Mercury and Neptune. On the weather front, we could have rain and wind near the August eclipse. We could also talk about protecting the ocean from future oil spills. Compromises relating to use of the Columbia River may be in the news.

In summary, the summer of 1999 is an opportunity to transform yourself and the world. It is time to release outdated values, old hurts, and uncompromising attitudes. The August 1999 eclipse is challenging you to move on to a better way - a way that reflects the Divine Nature of your soul. Leo is the sign of leadership. You are being called to lead a new path for the benefit of humanity. Won't you answer that call?

Mark Dodich has been an astrologer and intuitive spiritual counselor since 1980. For a complimentary copy of his quarterly astrology forecast newsletter, ASTROMARK, contact him at (503) 252-1558 or, or