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A Self-Empowerment Center
Where Golden Hearts Heal
Golden Hearts Healing Center is coming together after a couple of years of group effort by several former students, alumni, and staff members of Portland Center for the Healing Arts and Heart Rose Healing Center, also of Portland. We have formed this collective because of similar interests in the metaphysical and healing arts arena.

Our mission is to assist the residents of the planet emotionally, mentally, and spiritually in their process work by using a number of modalities in the healing arts. Our current interests in tools and techniques for assisting and honoring the healing process range from meditation, aura healing/reading, and Reiki to emotional body healing work, rebirthing, individual/group counseling and 12-step recovery work.

We are currently located in the building on the southeast corner of SE 13th & Miller (Antique Row) in Sellwood with our primary meeting place, 1306 SE Miller St. We are looking forward to expanding into more of the building in the future. At the time of this writing, we are in negotiation for another space directly on 13th Avenue for retail to include a lending library of new/used books, crystal/gem products, arts/crafts, candles/incense, music, etc.

We are always interested in having others join our family of healers and craftspeople, and we realize that with the summer months upon us, vacations, travel, family outings/get-togethers, etc. can cause a more loosely cohesive group. Come join us when you can.

New workshops, seminars, classes and groups are starting continuously. For ongoing and upcoming events please check the calendar of events or call (503) 727-2441. There is a recorded message for more accuracy, as some events are added after deadlines for papers.

We're looking forward to meeting you at the Interdependence Day Firewalk and Campout. If you are reading this after the July 4th weekend, we enjoyed meeting you at the Interdependence Day Firewalk and Campout. And if we didn't meet you there, we're looking forward to meeting you soon.

Have a great summer of fun and healing!

It's still under construction, but please feel free to visit and link to our website at:

Golden Hearts Healing Center is located at 1306 SE Miller St. in Sellwood (Antique Row). Call 503-727-2441.