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Miracle Healing Water
A personal story of communication with a Goddess of Light
by Dr. David Wheeler

I woke up a few hours before dawn and once again spontaneously went into a deep meditation and lost awareness of my body. I then received another one of the spiritual initiations that had started a few months earlier-- the fourth time this had happened to me. Little did I know at the time that this particular initiation would reveal a sacred geometry pattern able to transform regular drinking water into Miracle Healing Water.

This spiritual initiation took place in the summer of 1994. Now, I couldn’t agree more with the healthy skepticism about alternative healing and spirituality that has evolved in the past thirty plus years. However, I am going to risk telling all the facts – no matter outrageous they may seem--surrounding an amazing healing discovery that has already helped thousands of people change their lives. The real truth behind a scientifically verified water supplement I have developed is that a non-physical being made out of Light Energy gave me the information that allowed me transform regular drinking water into a healing elixir.

This being of Light Energy is a Goddess that comes from a higher dimension, and from my understanding the Goddess of the planet. Some people call her Divine Mother. I call her the Goddess of Light. But I never sought, nor did I even know she existed in the first place. The Goddess of Light appeared to me one day just out of the blue. Over a period of several months she appeared to me over and over again to take me through 13 different spiritual initiations and to also share with me higher dimensional information to transform water for healing purposes. (I am not channeling, which is a different phenomenon than what happened to me. I wasn’t taken over by an entity, I was conversing with a Being of Light just as I would in normal conversation with another person.)

I call this sequence of initiations The 12 keys of Avalon, which opens all the energy centers and channels in the body. The 13th Key is the final step that brings about a permanent heart connection with the Energy of Unconditional Love to express for healing and transforming one’s self and to help other people. In this article I am not going to explain the spiritual practice aspect of the 12 Keys of Avalon that I have shared with many people in the past 7 years. Instead I shall focus only on how this teaching from the Goddess of Light applies to creating Healing Miracles with water.

The pattern of Sacred Geometry that I received from the Goddess of Light is the 4th Key in the sequence of The 12 Keys of Avalon. The Goddess of Light also revealed through her communications to me that water is the medium for transferring Divine Love Energy into the human body. Eventually I made the science connection with the ancient knowledge that the Goddess of Light shared with me about the Sacred Geometry pattern of the 4th Key and water to develop a spiritual technology to transform water.

The father of water research is Victor Schauberger (1885-1958), an Austrian Naturalist who set the stage for all other water researchers interested in energizing water. Mr. Schauberger discovered that the vortex movement of water found throughout nature is what allows it to gather and hold onto energy, which he believed is based on implosion versus explosion. He also stated that water is literally a living being that can seemingly defy the law of gravity by levitating and that it can consciously flow in a different direction based on changing conditions in the environment.

However, Victor Schauberger appplied the principle of vortex water movement within a rigid system that does not exist in nature. An example of an artificially contained vortex is water going down a drain. There are many industrial applications of vortex water movement to mix chemicals into water, but in terms of healthcare applications vortexing artificially does not produce water that is life supporting to the chemistry of the body.

It wasn’t until a German artist and environmental engineer by the name of Paul Schatz (1898-1979) came along that the natural flow of water was understood mathematically and applied technologically in a way that duplicates natural water flow. Paul Schatz defined natural water flow as Platonic Solid Inversion Geometry in Motion, which I call Sacred Geometry in Motion. He stated that the way in which water moves in the environment looks like a cube and other platonic solids turned inside out, as a complex array of curved rather than straight lines. In fact, he even created sculptures of cubes turned inside out that looked like abstract art, but were beautiful representations of natural water phenomena.

Finally a few years ago I made the spiritual science connection I needed in order to better understand the scientific application of the heart-centered pattern of the 4th Key that had been revealed to me. After a lot of hard work and correlating other information given to me by the Goddess of Light, I was able to fashion the spiritual technology based on Platonic Solid Inversion Geometry in Motion that transforms water into a vibrational- and energy-loaded healing elixir. Based on other information communicated to me by the Goddess of Light I also incorporate a quartz crystal precision cut in a specific shape and other special components that create vibrational resonance from the spiritual realm into the physical structure of water.

With my proprietary application of Platonic Solid Inversion Geometry, there is an internal folding of water on itself along with an alternating clockwise and counter clock wise vortex spin of water that is inclusive of both implosion and explosion energy principles. A gateway is opened in water based on zero point and chaos free energy physics, allowing access to higher dimensional vibration and energy.

The existence of higher dimensions has been proven by mainstream physics, which is based on the M-Theory. The M stands for the Mystery behind everything in the universe, including life itself and is a vast array of frequencies on 11 dimensions. Higher dimensional frequencies are the source of everything from the smallest quantum particle to the cosmic vastness of stars and galaxies. In fact, the M-Theory brings to fruition Albert Einstein’s goal of a unified field theory by harmonizing the seemingly total contradictions between quantum mechanics and the theory of relativity.

Higher Dimensions as defined by advanced mathematics and the Spiritual Realms are one and the same. Anyone who has had unbounded experiences in prayer or meditation can relate to dimensions that are beyond the third.. In many different meditation practices, it also possible to hear vibration coming from higher dimensions as the music of the spheres

As it says in the Bible, the Word (Vibration) was the cause of creation. Recent cosmological research has recently proven that at the very beginning of the universe sound waves were created as a subtle shift in nothing resulted in something. Ancient Masters of Healing and Meditation have known for thousands of years that vibration is the cause of everything, including life itself.

The vibration and energy loaded water I create with Platonic Solid Inversion Geometry is called Primordial M Water, with the word Primordial conveying the original condition of water that created life on the planet and can now create healing miracles and enlightenment. However, my approach to water activation also creates balanced physical water properties as well: clustering of the water molecules, increased energy in the form of electrons, a slight increase in pH and a slight decrease in surface tension. However, the only type of water that creates healing miracles is water imbued with higher dimensional vibration and energy.

Even if you read this article and scratch your head wondering what the heck I am talking about, clinical studies prove my point about how Primordial M Water helps the body conquer and prevent disease, as well as bringing about many other life changing experiences. I have seen people literally come back from the dead in the hospital with only days to live after drinking M-Activated Water. I am involved in a long term study with Bio-Impedance Analysis that measures electrical flow in the body, which demonstrates that Primordial M Water consistently changes biological markers that define how healthy a person is. (I am presently looking for volunteers to drink M-Activated Water in a new clinical study using biological markers from Bio-Impedance Analysis.)

I look forward to bringing this knowledge of Living Water to the world at large to help transform the health of all human beings and life forms and the planet as a whole.

Dr. David Wheeler is a Chiropractic Physician who is widely respected as an authority on natural treatments for cancer and other chronic disease. His energy approach to healing is based on traditional chiropractic and meditation. Dr. Wheeler is reestablishing a practice in Portland and is offering regularly scheduled 12 Keys of Avalon Seminars that are free to the public. Watch for his coming articles on Vibrational Energy Healing in future issues of New Connexion. Dr. Wheeler can be reached at 503-771-6943 or by email at His website is (the number 0).