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A Psychic Comes Out
by Miriam Knight
Cynthia Slon
Cynthia Slon is a psychic with a mission: awakening and activating pieces in people that they have pushed aside. One of her growing circle of fans (see “The White Hornet”) urged me to meet Cynthia. From speaking to her, I was expecting a typical 50-ish American. I wasn’t prepared for the 30-ish exotic-looking Brazilian who arrived. Though she has been working with her guides since she was 6 years old, she has been helping people quietly, through word of mouth, for the past 10 years. Six months ago, her sister died, and since then Cynthia has been having strong promptings to “go public” and offer her work and ideas to a wider audience.

Cynthia reads people’s energy, which she sees as pictures (sometimes moving), colors or sometimes words; but it is all transmitted through energy.

“The greatest readings are the ones that return people to themselves. When I release what I’m seeing it opens people up, making them recognize their innermost soul’s desire. The readings depend on what information the person is looking for - careers, health, relationships, future energies, past lives; spirit guides; connection with loved ones present and those that have moved on including their beloved pets - but they always include what will spark the person’s creativity. The creative side of people is often shut down and that is what holds what they desire the most – their soul’s purpose here. I always want to leave a person with a clear understanding of their choices.

“The trust is the link and the bridge to the soul’s purpose manifesting in that person. I trust in the information coming through, that the person is ready to hear the information coming through – even harsh information. I am just a messenger, but I really believe that we are all mirrors for each other and extensions of each other. I do not believe in separation of any kind. I am constantly getting self-readings. It’s just a matter of paying attention. We are all creators. You don’t have a choice about creating; you only have a choice about WHAT TO create. If we’re creating lack or fear – we’re still creators, we’re just creating that experience for ourselves to learn from.

“Emotion is actually energy. When you have a request that you’re co-creating, recognize that you’re part of the process. When you surround it with the energy of emotion, you amplify that request and push it out into the universe to manifest immediately. Behind that you need the trust to let it go. Trust is the key issue for all the experiences to manifest for you. The moment you don’t trust, and put fear there, it’s like pulling back what you’ve just sent out.

“Fear is the limitation that prevents us from experiencing the magnificence that we truly are. Remember, you’re a participant in creating your life; it’s not something that just happens to you. I see everything as a grand opportunity (on a soul level) for growing and learning. I often say to people that the difference between the knowledge in books and wisdom is the conscious application of that knowledge in your life. You need to experience it and to know that you receive back what you give out. Once you know that it’s real, your entire reality shifts - you’re no longer the victim.

“My life path is to assist others in becoming self-empowered by reconnecting to their greatest teacher, self.”

Cynthia will be applying her skills as a Deep Channel Medium and telepathic intermediary to open classes on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month. She will be the facilitator of “The Reunion With Yourself,” which will involve the group in divinely guided dialogue, exercises, discussions and interactions with each other. Cynthia Slon can be reached at: (503) 614-8171 or Email: