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I Dare To Heal with Compassionate Love
by Joel Vorensky, reviewed by Sally Baning, Ph.D.

I Dare To Heal with Compassionate Love is the ultimate travel guide for the alternative health tourist.  In the course of seeking healing for himself, Joel Vorensky has produced a useful resource that sheds light on what all those therapies out there have to offer.  Although not for the experienced metaphysician, Mr. Vorensky offers readers who might be expanding into self-exploration a broad overview of what they can expect from a plethora of self-help modalities including rebirthing, Reiki, TMI, Dyad, Yoga and Tantra, to name but a few.  He describes the insights to be achieved around such issues as parental teachings, co-dependency, self loving and trusting and how blockages can be released by using, for example, touching, meditation, peer counseling, dancing, drumming, singing.

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