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The American Spirit contacted Edward J. Sopcak, the developer of Cancell to find out more about this product and why it has been outlawed. The following is a portion of our interview with Mr. Sopcak:

ASN: What exactly is Cancell?

Sopcak: Cancell is a vibrational catalyst. Disease is a low vibrational density existing within the human body, which is also a vibrational density, but of a higher frequency. When you get close to Cancell, as you get it in the aura of the body (you don't have to take it internally) it will allow the body to harmonize or readjust its frequency. Cancell simply allows the body to reharmonize itself. That's all there is to it.

ASN: I understand it was someone else who originally started the research?

Sopcak: In 1936 James Sheridan had a vision of how cancer could be cured by a manipulation of energy fields. He was a biochemist working for Dow Chemical at the time. When he realized that you could manipulate these energies with chemicals he decided that he ought to start doing something. Of course, Dow chemical didn't want to have anything to do with it so Jim did it on his own. He stayed with it and by 1947 he had developed a material that would cure about 38% of cancer cases, that he tried it on. He kept working on it and manipulating it, and by 1983 he had a material that was about 80% effective. He had been at it for 47 years.

ASN: Totally on his own?

Sopcak: Not really. He worked for the Michigan Cancer Foundation and in the 1950's they did a study of Entelev (which was the name of Sheridan's material.) You may be interested in knowing that in classical Greek Entelev translates to "Known only to God." The Michigan Cancer Foundation had a system whereby the American Cancer Society made up the difference in their funding. Therefore they notified the American Cancer Society that this material was ready for testing. The American Cancer Society wanted to be involved, so they had Jim transferred to their payroll. Within two months, after that transfer was made, Jim Sheridan was fired and the thing was dropped.

Sopcak: Well, you can see, they're confused. The American Cancer Society says cancers are several hundred different diseases. But the truth of the matter is cancer is a single disease with a single cause. All cancer is, is a mutation of an anaerobic cell. It's nothing else but that. So you have to figure out how you get anaerobic cells in the body and how you get them to mutate. It's energy-based. In most instances, the mutation is caused by a chronic demand for energy placed upon the cell structure that is in excess of what the cells are programmed to deliver. The body answers that chronic demand for energy by mutating the anaerobic cell. That's cancer. It's just that simple. That's how it occurs.

Now it's possible, of course, to put a stress upon it by a virus or a pollutant. But in at lease 9 out of 10 cases that I've talked to, and I've probably talked to over 40,000 people with cancer, it is a stressful situation that resulted in cancer. And that of course is a mental disease. Consequently, if the mind is strong enough to cause it, it should be strong enough to cure it also. And it is. That's vibrational medicine. The thought pattern is also a vibrational frequency and you can cure things by getting the right frequencies in your thought patterns. Call it positive thinking or placebo effect. It's nothing more purely and simply than vibrational medicine.

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