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Kiss the Bliss,
Handbook for Millennium Miracle Workers
by Edwina Doyle Dozier
Kiss the Bliss is a teacher's bold quest to empower and transform the 13 to 33 year-olds she has dubbed the Bliss Generation. Its goal is to expedite the emotional and spiritual healing of the world's youth by making it easy for them to study the wisdom of the world's greatest spiritual leaders. The book synthesizes ancient and modern wisdom in terms that can be readily understood and applied in everyday life.

Edwina Doyle Dozier (“Winnie”) explains in readily understandable terminology how to attain emotional, physical, and spiritual health and happiness, and why holding grievances, gossiping, cursing, and thinking negative thoughts are unhealthy and harmful. It gently guides readers through meditation, affirmations, forgiveness, positive thinking and respect for the Earth and elders, encouraging them to rise above the divisiveness of individual religions to embrace the unity of a universal God.

By relating to the personal benefits that are derived from practicing unconditional love, kindness, forgiveness, and nonviolence, the book becomes relevant to youths, helping them gain understanding and awaken spiritually. The book challenges a generation to become heroic Millennium Miracle Workers who utilize life-affirming practices that enhance mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Edwina Doyle Dozier has been an educator for thirty years. She has taught adolescents from middle school through college and worked as a curriculum consultant for the Kentucky Department of Education. The author of numerous books, poetry and magazine articles, she was a Fulbright Scholar to India and directed a bilingual school in The Bay Islands of Honduras. 

Edwina is president of the ECSTASY Foundation, Inc., a non-profit foundation dedicated to shifting the Earth's consciousness to one of peace and love through the spiritual awakening of one generation. It is her vision that, with the help of parents and teachers serving as mentors, the targeted generation around the world will study Kiss the Bliss: Handbook for Millennium Miracle Workers.

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