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Waking Up In The Dream Together
by Paul Levy

Paul Levy

In the last issue of "Community ConneXion" I talked about how my groups and I are learning more and more how to "follow the dreaming." I find it very curious as I notice that a part of me is shy and somewhat inhibited about fully coming out of the closet, so to speak, and giving voice to that which my friends and I are discovering - something that is in the nature of a revelation.

We are discovering that just by hanging out, without our needing to do anything, a deeper, dreaming process unfolds in us and through us. It is something that we are simultaneously dreaming up as well as being dreamed up by. At any point, just as the pendulum with the strongest swing entrains the other pendulums, someoneís dreaming process gets activated and everyone else gets dreamed into that personís dream, playing whatever roles are required for the unfolding of that activated dreaming process. And of course, the role we get dreamed up into by the field is magically not only the role that others need us to play, but, at the same time, is the very role we need to step into and unfold for our own deepest healing. Do we need any more proof than this about the interdependent, nonlinear, atemporal, and acausal nature of our mutual dreaming process?

Noticing how we are all fluidly dreaming each other up is the very act which changes the dreaming from a situation which gets acted out unconsciously to an opportunity where we can transmute our wounds on the spot and wake up in the dream together.

Once we begin waking up together to how we've been just picking up roles in each otherís process, we can unfold our roles with grace by fully participating in the role that is dreamed up for us while at the same time not identifying with it. Once we realize how we are all eachotherís reflections and see how we are all dreaming up our shared reality together, it makes no sense in light of our transparent dream-like nature to personalize or solidify oneself or seeming others. Our situation is not serious but actually a playful play whose nature is love. With awareness of the dreaming up process, we discover that instead of getting hooked in reactivity we are given the real-time opportunity to transcend our wound right then and there and genuinely heal.

We discover that we can put our dreaming together in a way where we can literally dream each other awake, becoming an in-phase dreaming circle, which is literally an organism of a higher dimension. One way to imagine this is when a bunch of lucid dreamers come together in a dream. Their way of following the dreaming actually supports the dreaming, for they in essence learn and discover how they can dream each other up to the highest unfoldment in a way that helps everyone. Likewise, we discover that we can much more easily snap out of our nightmarish trance of fear and separation by co-operating and putting our energies together based on the truth of our situation, which is that we are not separate but all interconnected by a love which knows no separation.

Imagine hooking up with a group of people who are discovering this revelation together. Watch out, though, for when you start imagining what this is like you might find it happening right in front of your very eyes.

Paul Levy is an artist whose medium is dreaming. He leads "Awakening in the Dream" Groups every week in Portland. A healer, he is in private practice, assisting others who are also spiritually awakening. He is the coordinator of the Portland PadmaSambhava Buddhist Center. He can be reached at (503)234-6480.