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Wake Up Call
by James A Gilliland
Chem Trails over Portland, OR
June 20, 2000

In today's civilization money is the manifesting force behind destiny. There is an elite group that controls the money. With it they control governments here and abroad, politicians, all the alphabet and enforcement agencies, the mainstream news and the masses, or what we will refer to as sheeple. This elite group will not rest until it owns and controls everything. If you think you have a form of political control because you have a choice between Republicans and Democrats, this is just an illusion of choice because they control both parties. In fact it creates polarities something they thrive on.

Not only does this elite group want to control and own everything they also want to get the population down to a manageable number with push button control over those who get out of line. While the sheeple were sleeping, lulled by a good economy, the elite have been very busy. They are behind the chemtrails that are killing the children and the elderly with underdeveloped or weakened immune systems. You know those crisscross patterns in the sky behind tankers that turn a blue sky into gray overcast, not to be confused with contrails, which dissipate in minutes. You will hear many feeble excuses like radar experiments, weather experiments, immunization for biological warfare, top-secret, etc. The fact of the matter is they have been analyzed and contain a biohazard soup filled with streptococci, E. Coli, meningitis, bio-engineered molds, and bacteria with the dye markers showing they have been bio-engineered still present. Those who analyzed them said they should be under lock and key not in our air.

This is just the beginning. The HAARP technology can activate the virus and bacteria once it is introduced into the system. This is written into the patent. The HARRP technology is hand held now and they can activate virus and bacteria making you deathly ill, excite you into extreme anger or sedate you. They can take you out all together with a push of a button. Remember the goals of the elite? They will not rest until they control and own everything. Guess who is sponsoring and implementing this scenario throughout the many so called government organizations they control. So whom are we going to complain to? The politicians, the alphabet agencies, the air force? Sheep do not deserve freedom or self determination and the sheep are now reduced to and being sprayed like insignificant bugs.

Those who are behind this know as long as the economy is good no one will rock the boat. The morals and ethics of our present leadership stand as testimony to this. The fact that they are still in office proves who is in control. Those who follow the dictates and demands of the elite remain as puppets. Those who serve humanity and the earth are crucified while the sheeple graze on the green stuff they use to control the world.

"Universal Peace shall not come through governments or religions but through the hearts and minds of the people." Mother Mary.

A leaderless revolution of sovereign people dedicated to serving humanity and the earth is the only solution. As a collective it is time to WAKE UP. The only hope for the planet is a mass awakening, an infusion of impeccable integrity and courage. This must happen individually and collectively. The qualities of leadership in advanced cultures are determined by one's spiritual awareness and record of service to the planet and the people. Today's leadership is determined by how much material wealth one has amassed regardless of whether it was at the expense of humanity and nature. If this continues it will be the fatal flaw that will cause the downward spiral and demise of this civilization, which on it's present course is unsustainable.

The environment is a reflection of this. Our course will be set by our consciousness and action. If we remain asleep our course will continue to be set by the consciousness and actions of others - the elite - the result of which will be social, economic and environmental collapse along with the loss of all the rights and freedoms upon which this country was founded.

For those who want proof and documentation that this technology exists and is in use, please read, "Earth Rising, A Thousand Years of Peace" by Dr. Nick Begich. I myself have seen and experienced it first hand.

James Gilliland, Self-Mastery Earth Institute. PO Box 281, Hood River, Oregon 97031
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