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Visioning for the Future
by Carol Merrick
Many people believe we are at the dawn of a new age. It means many things to different people. To me it means the birthing of Divine Feminine energies on the earth. Govinda Miller, a good friend of ours, gave me a list of things I can do to help facilitate the birthing of this new paradigm which included a suggestion of holding a vision of what "heaven on earth" would look like.

In my vision more and more people would discover their spiritual nature. As a result, less would be consumed of the earth's natural resources--less oil, less electricity, less meat and dairy products. There are more forests throughout the world because people don't need as much land to raise the food they eat. The wild animals have more habitat to grow and multiply. The rivers are cleaner, and we choose to grow things organically so fewer poisons are in our environment. Our industries are accountable for any toxins they release, and as a result little escapes their production process. Our oceans are cleaner and since few fish are eaten, the fish, whales, dolphins and other beings multiply.

People are able to open their hearts and let go of their defenses, which means we always find peaceful ways to settle any conflict or difference. Family members love and accept each other for who they are. Mothers-in-law and step-mothers have fabulous relationships with their son's wives and husband's children. On a broader plane, we are more conscious about supplying everyone's needs, and with more education and the liberation of women (children and men), we have no population problems. People are healthier and find natural solutions to keep their mind, body, and spirit balanced.

Countries are run democratically and none of us feel disenfranchised. International corporations no longer command much power because we have laws to protect us and since less is consumed, the corporations have less financial power.

We realize that our actions have consequences, and we want to leave a world where our children are healthy and happy, where the animals have the same right to exist as we do, and where our planet is cared for with love.

I hold this vision of "heaven on earth" in my mind, body, and soul. What is your vision? I invite you to share your vision with all those who deeply touch your life. Together we can make a difference in our actions and deeds.

Carol Merrick is a local activist and spiritual seeker who organizes the EarthSave Chapter in Portland and facilitates mandala workshops. She can be reached at