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Growing Food & Friends in the City
How can urban food gardening prevent hunger, heal communities and reduce pollution?   Find out from Growing Gardens' Executive Director Brian Lacy.  In 1999, Growing Gardens coordinated 180 volunteers to help build gardens and teach sustainable food gardening to low income people of all ages in communities from St Johns to outer southeast.  The gardens they create provide fresh food, beauty, education, jobs and friendship for individuals, schools and organizations - wherever the need is greatest.

 Brian Lacy has been involved in a number of community projects concerned with helping poor people help themselves. He founded the Community Cycling Center (of Yellow Bike fame) in '94, grew up in his father's vegetable garden, and loves to tend an apiary of 6 honeybee hives near 50th and NE Killingsworth.

For more information contact
Growing Gardens, 2003 Northeast 42nd Ave Suite 3,
Portland OR 97213. 
Tel: 503-284-8420, 503-284-5355 Fax;