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The Ultimate Powers of the Light
by Sherrie Ramey

"I know no safe depository of the Ultimate Powers of the society but the people themselves, and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them but to inform their discretion."
Thomas Jefferson

In our innate search for the truth, we stumble over the power of Light with our every science and religion. We know that all the eye can see is Light, and all the ear can hear is Energy Waves. This light and energy we translate into what we think we see and hear... and we might think of it as reality. Our sensation of touch? ...Again, Light impulses! Even our thought process is Light Energy, and we believe our thoughts and feelings are real...

Paul Davies, formerly a Professor of Physics at London & Cambridge Universities, and Chair of Theoretical Physics at the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne wrote the following in his book, "Other Worlds":

"Scientific revolutions tend to be associated with a major restructuring of human perspective. Copernicus' claim that the Earth did not occupy the center of the universe began a disintegration of religious dogma that tore Europe apart; Darwin's theory of evolution upset centuries of belief in the special biological status of humans; Hubble's discovery that the Milky Way is but one among billions of galaxies scattered throughout an expanding universe opened up new vistas of celestial immensity. It is therefore remarkable that the greatest scientific revolution of all time has gone largely unnoticed ... and not because it's implications are uninteresting, but because they are so shattering as to be almost beyond belief – even to scientific revolutionaries themselves.

The revolution, which took place between 1900 and 1930, is known broadly as quantum theory. Nobody seriously doubts the theory is correct, even though “it leads to the conclusion that the world of our experience - the universe that we actually perceive - is not the only universe...our universe is actually only an infinitesimal slice from a gigantic stack of cosmic images...”

Studies show that reality is not a property of the external world on its own but is intimately bound up with our perception of the world - our presence as conscious observers. Where previous scientific revolutions demoted mankind from the center of creation to the role of mere spectator of the cosmic drama, quantum theory reinstates the observer at the center of the stage. Taken to its extreme, this idea implies that the universe only achieves a concrete existence as a result of this perception - it is created by its own inhabitants!

Davies feels there is compelling evidence that “whatever we may experience mentally, time does not pass, nor does there exist a past, present and future... in spite of the fact that it dominates our language, thoughts, and actions. It is here, perhaps, that new developments lie, in unraveling the mystery of the linkage between, mind and matter."

The power of thought is the power that manifests what you perceive to be reality... the Eternal Reality, however, is Here Now...

Sharie Ramsey’s background includes working as a forensic psychologist for the government, teaching psychology at a private college, working as a research physicist, studying quantum physics and the power of the mind to manifest the elements of the ethers. She is currently writing her 16th screenplay.


By Michael

My "near death experience" at age 18 confirms all of what Sharie Ramsey writes above. After my death and the flashback of my entire 18 years of life...seemingly suspended forever...with all of the attendant thoughts and feelings....I also had a quick review of two other former lifetimes, ones where I had "failed" to do what I had come to do as a "human" on earth!!

What "struck" me so profoundly was that as I looked back at "physical" earth life I knew it was "only a dream," not the REALITY that I believed in so strongly during my 18 years of human "encasement!"

After my return into my 18 year old body, I learned over the years that thought alone "has life" and lives and moves through our be-ing and through all dimensions and levels of life--as so clearly and succinctly explained in the three Handbooks.

"As an "awakening humanity" we are becoming sovereign, free, responsible guardians and custodians of planet earth-- and we invoke All That Is to "help us become!"

"We are also human physical immortals becoming--'help us become!' "

All of the above leads us individually and collectively toward an awesome self, group, national, global and galactic self-responsibility!! So be it--and SO IT IS....