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Going With the Flow
by Miriam Knight, interview with Lama Somananda
The ancient teaching of Qi Dao, also known as Tibetan Shamanic Qigong, works with the energy field or “dream being” of a person and connects with the spirit by backtracking the energy to its true nature. According to Lama Somananda, a local teacher and holder of the lineage of Qi Dao, the spirit dreams up the life experienced as the “dream being.” Like an iceberg, we are only conscious of the tip which we identify as “self”, but there is a huge underwater part that is the unknown aspect of our being. Qi Dao works to identify with the whole of the iceberg, with the totality of our being. And, just as the iceberg is simply a frozen part of the same substance as the ocean that surrounds it, so our energy field is continuous with the flow of universal energy of which it is a holographic point.

            Lama stresses the importance of “going with the flow” because when you are “in the flow” the traumas a person experiences become meaningful and full of synchronicities. We become intuitive, creative, energetic and more powerful. We are able to understand that all problems are lessons, and unless we learn the lessons completely, they keep coming back. Once we have learned them we can go on or switch to another dimension or a new dream. An important tool that helps us learn is lucid dreaming – the ability to be aware in a dream that you are dreaming and use it as a vehicle to explore your issues and lessons.

            The practice of Qi Dao is the practice of merging ego and dream life, integrating what we have learned in lucid dreams into our daily life; being as powerful and creative in waking life as in dreams. It is the unity of illusion and reality in which we open ourselves to the universe and embrace it.

When we pull back from the universe and throw up walls of fear around ourselves, we retreat into the shell of the ego. This is the barrier between what we call us – ourselves – and the rest of the universe. This ego barrier is like a soap bubble that filters and polarizes our perceptions so that the reality we choose for ourselves is linear and polarized into good and bad. We define “good” as what is important to us, like beliefs, children, possessions, etc.

Qi Dao initiates go through four steps or dimensions of development. The first dimension is centered on the head, which transmits Earth energy. Those working at this level are linear and perhaps forceful and powerful, but without grace and fluidity. The second dimension turns the attention to the energy center of water in the stomach area. It uses Intuitive Qigong to learn to move like water, surf the waves and go with the flow. Initiates develop the attitude of Water and go around problems or undermine and toss them aside. They don’t collide with others or try to force their ideas on them. They learn to enhance and navigate through the flow via lucid dreaming and shamanic journeys. With practice they can progress into the 3rd dimension of Air, where they can unloose their bonds to the earth and fly, free as the wind with a birds’ eye view of creation.

The fourth step is awakening in the dream that we call our life and merging the reality of the dream with our daily life. Creator and creation are no longer separate. Lama suggests that we learn to relax, use the meditative state or guided visualization to daydream and allow ourselves to be totally free. Explore in the dreamtime, do crazy things, fly…

Tibetan Intuitive Qigong is an ancient holistic practice, which helps to enhance intuition, creativity, and emotional and mental clarity. It energetically supports spiritual awakening and an enhanced sense of well-being. For a Schedule of Lama Somananda's workshops see the Calendar of Events. He can be reached by e-mail at or by phone at 503-239-5574.