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Awakening - In Pursuit of the Divine Paradox
by Gregory R. Huth, reviewed by Nicole Levitt, D.C.

Awakening” is a challenge to revisit some of the basic tenets of Christianity, and to lay aside our knee-jerk patterns of thought.  Gregory Huth suggests that fresh thinking focused on the themes of transcendence, unity and transformation can be used to help advance Christian evolution into the Third Age. The Third Age being a time of acceptance, in which it is acknowledged that many life-nurturing Faiths all contain a path to the Divine.

Awakening succeeds in extending our understanding of Christian spiritual practices and traditions by providing provocative insights into the more paradoxical aspects of Christianity (like the Trinity, One being Three and Three Being One.)  Huth offers a new interpretation of several stories from the New Testament in order to discover their inherent underlying Truth. He engages the reader in a thought-evoking journey through the more apparent contradictions within the New Testament that may frustrate us if we use everyday thinking, yet he helps us reflect on them in a way that makes sense and imparts wisdom.

Huth also calls for us to be responsible in our care for the Earth. It remains up to us, he says, as to whether we will continue on our present destructive path or accept the Spirit's invitation to become more nurturing of ourselves and to the life of the planet. He adapts Christian theology, in terms of evolution, creation and the nature of the universe, to both Eastern and scientific ways of thinking.  He offers a view of the cosmos that is fluid and ever-changing constantly growing, unfolding and evolving.

His Holiness the Dali Lama said, in the introduction to this book, “Gregory Huth explores the potential of different faiths to join together to usher in a spiritual awakening.” It is his “hope that readers may find here inspiration and understanding that in some way contributes to their own awakening to inner peace.”

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