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John Poling

The really exciting news this summer at Community ConneXion is that our website is approaching 30,000 hits a month! Publishing on the Internet has taken on a whole new dimension for us. Added to all of the articles that are in our newspaper, an up to the minute calendar of events and our directory of conscious resources, we offer the many unique benefits that only come with Internet connectivity.

At the heart of the website is the Directory of resources for conscious living. Every listing has its own link to the web page or e-mail address, thus giving you further information or communication immediately. With our search engine, you can search just the directory, our entire website, including the articles, or the whole World Wide Web. Simply enter any word or phrase (name, product, service, topic, etc.) in the search box, and tell it how wide a search you want, and the information is a mouse click away. We work with it every day and still think it's pretty amazing!

Our ability to link people with people and every form of information available globally has caused us to rethink the printed version of our Internet directory (formerly Wholistic Resource Guide) and to rename it "LinX"! as in Internet Link capability. Naturally we spell it with an X to further emphasize all the "conneXions" we stand for--between people and communities; body, mind & spirit; earth and sky; east and west; as above so below... etc.

You might call LinX the reader's digest or condensed version of our conscious resources directory. It is much better than a telephone book because it also gives you the web page and email address in a glossy, attractive format that slips easily into a purse or briefcase.

Another new feature of our website is that it now has multiple home pages. Each 'ConneXion' section is directly accessible by the public and all the search engines on the web, independent of our primary home page. This has the effect of increasing the exposure of each of our advertisers and increasing our ratings with the search engines while it gives the public more targeted information because we are more than a Search Engine, we are a DIRECTORY of conscious resources.

Each home page will be color-coded and will carry the same informational content as the parallel section in the printed version of Community ConneXion-and more! So, for example, "Health" and all its subcategories can be found at and "Starscope" or Intuitives is accessible directly via We hope this will enhance the ease of use of our web pages as an extension of our newspaper. Both printed publications, LinX and Community ConneXion, interface with our website through the use of key words and our KEY membership.


Yes, that is correct. We now offer FREE classified ads on the Internet. If you enter your own classified ad on our website (compose an ad) the first 3 lines (100 character spaces) are free in up to 5 categories. After that you can get additional lines for only $2.00/line per category for 2 months... and you can get this same low price in the Community ConneXion print edition by selecting the print option on the Internet listing form. Since the Internet portion is FREE you can easily afford both options. You may submit as many ads as you wish. All ads will appear in the section you choose and you can search/select classified ads by topic/section.

All of our services are very reasonably priced and many are absolutely FREE. We offer List & Link on our web page where you can register your product or service FREE in our Wholistic Resource Directory in up to five categories with a link to your web page or email. If you don't have an email address, we offer FREE unlimited email service. Just go to our home page and look for free services. All listings and articles are search sensitive.

If you wish to send a press release to us, send it by fax, email or regular snail mail.(contact information) If you wish to send a press release or any other public relations information to any media in the Portland Metro Market, go to where you will find a complete list of contact information for newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and public cable access. If you wish to develop a comprehensive marketing package, please contact us for assistance in developing your marketing strategies, articles and photos to publish in Community ConneXion print and on to the internet and advertising and web page hosting.