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Jammin’ With An Angel
by Miriam Knight

Chas Stone is a big man, big in physical presence and big in spirit. His energy envelops you the moment he enters the room. Three and a half years ago his life changed pretty dramatically. The former high profile executive chef left the profession and several thriving businesses to go on the road with the mission of helping people believe in themselves.

So, what brought about this epiphany? Since early childhood, Chas had been using extra-sensory gifts that were nurtured by a sensitive mother. He had no difficulty in astral traveling and remote viewing, skills that saved his life more than once as a marine in Viet Nam. His ‘knack’ became so clear to others that when he wanted to go one way and the platoon leader pointed to another route, his fellow soldiers said, “No way, we’re going with him!”

Back in civilian life, Chas used these ‘talents’ in his catering work. Being clairaudient, he got recipes from etheric sources, such as the ones used in his cheesecake company. With a little help from his guides he became an expert ice carver and made a guest TV appearance in an episode of Home Improvement where he carved a Christmas tree in 30 seconds. In both 1984 and 1988 he captained the US Olympic Ice Carving Team to gold medals. Picture a Pavarotti figure hefting a chain saw, creating delicate sculptures of animals or cherubs playing trumpets and harps with the fluid motions of a Michelangelo wielding a paintbrush! Watching his inspired artistry, the woman who became his wife, MaraLeah, invited him to an evening of meditation, which was to change his life.

As he tells the tale, they were sitting around in a circle and Chas was getting restless, so he nipped off on a bit of astral traveling, but when he got back, his body was taken! Chas then proceeded to do a live channel for the first time in his life. It was not by chance that Chas was chosen by the incredible energy being, the Angel Nathanael. (Nathanael doesn’t call himself an angel, though he is traditionally considered one of the Seraphim. As Nathanael said, with apparently typical cosmic humor, “What, do you see moult around me?”) Aside from wanting a spiritually awake being, Nathanael, the lord over the element of fire, needed a BIG vessel that was capable of withstanding his tremendous energy – one with a big heart as well. The mission of Nathanael was to “relight the pilot light of humanity for the awakening.”

Each step of the way has been guided for Chas. He set up a foundation called Wings on Earth, which will be working with governments and the United Nations to bring free holistic medical care to the poor and homeless children of the world. To help accomplish this he has channeled a new healing modality which balances all of the body’s energy grids so that there is a flow of energy from top to toe, and seals the etheric body to help prevent attachment by unwanted outside energies. The guides, primarily St Sebastian, have now brought him to Portland to open the prototype of what is expected to be a widely replicated center.

The first Worth on Earth Energy Center will open this summer on Main Street in Tigard. It will house a Spiritual Boutique with a range of therapies and readings for body, mind and spirit. The décor will be nostalgic and each room will take the theme of a different angel. There will be a meditation and discussion every Sunday, as well as guest channelings.

The center will also have a retail spiritual store that will carry lines of books, clothing, crystals, jewelry and art; an outlet for the supplements, oils, aroma therapy and other products developed according to Nathanael’s recipes; an inside/outside cleansing room offering sauna and colonics; a Community gathering place and meditation and treatment rooms that will be made available to local practitioners.

The feature that I am really looking forward to is the Jammin’ Juice Bar, that will offer a fabulous variety of fresh juices fortified with a choice of herbal extracts – recipes courtesy of the Angel Nathanael!

The Center is at 12460 SW Main Street, Tigard, Tel: 503-620 1381. It will open its doors on July 22nd and the grand opening will be held on Saturday, August 5th. Hours are10am-7pm, 7 days a week; weekly meditation/discussion on Sundays at 11am.