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Sound Advice
by Master Dwjhal Khul

As many of you know (particularly those of you who have been on a spiritual path for some time), transformation is enhanced, facilitated, generated and/or stimulated by vibration. If the substance of transformation is water, evaporation is a natural example of transformation, which happens whenever it is boiled.

In like manner, when subatomic particles are shot with a dose of supersonic frequencies, or a blast of laser light, something "miraculous" is likely to happen. The energetic bond that holds those particles together is disrupted, energy from the vibratory source is absorbed by the particles, and a type of positive disintegration occurs which literally transforms those little particles into a new substance. You could say they gained a new identity, a new function for a new reality, which translates into a new mission as well. Having accomplished the work of true transformation, it now has a new frequency to celebrate as it moves into its new order of being.

Now believe it or not, these are actually great models, or examples, of what happens in the process of transforming consciousness. It is impossible to transform consciousness without exposure to higher frequencies. In the realm of consciousness, this may be accomplished in one of multiple ways: meditation (probably the most conscious means); encountering a Being Who's consciousness is vibrating at a very high frequency and absorbing energy from that One; sudden impact with a belief system powerful enough to dismantle a previously held belief system; or, even the old 2 x 4 in the face method will work (that's the toughest vibration to absorb!) Now these methods (with the exception of long-term meditation) are, for the most part, sudden encounters with transformation, which do not always come from a conscious personal choice to transform. Often it feels more like Life (or your Higher Self, or your Teachers and Angels) literally jerked you out of one way of being and abruptly deposited you into another way of being. Granted, this often works. However, it also has a fairly high mortality rate in one way or another (not necessarily physically).

The process of conscious transformation, however, is quite another matter. It often does involve some form of meditation, but when you truly understand the transformative process, you recognize that there are a number of things you can do to provide the frequencies to your central nervous system, which begin to steadfastly transform your consciousness. As most of you know, you are a vibrating mass of protoplasm, variously differentiated into many amplitudes (i.e., cells, tissues, organs, systems, etc.), all of which vibrate due to electrical stimulation carried along all those miles of neuron chains, called nerves. But do you know that a full one-third of the electrical energy your brain utilizes in its tremendous work of carrying off your life comes from transforming sound waves into electricity? (The other 2/3 it manufactures through a process that is, well, pretty miraculous.) Herein lies a powerful secret to the transformation of consciousness!

As the world becomes more and more frenetic, you probably notice that more and more people simply "go to sleep." They "check out," "zone out," sometimes even "freak out" in an attempt to disengage from all the chaotic stimulation by which they feel continually bombarded. While finding one way or another to go to sleep may seem to buy some temporary calm, it is clearly not a vehicle of transformation. On this route, one only has two options: either to periodically arouse from the stupor enough to determine that the din, clamor, chaos and freneticism still abound, then go back to sleep, or to remain in a stupor for the duration of an entire life.

There exist whole schools of meditation that require the meditator to learn to inwardly "hear" certain sounds, tones and/or syllables. This is because so doing provides a transformative frequency to the brain, which in turn uses that sound vibration (whether physically audible or not) as a source for high quality bioelectrical generation. You live in a world where you are constantly bombarded with low frequency sounds, as well as "synthetic" sounds, which are devoid of the higher overtone frequencies. Over time, these are the sounds that put individuals (indeed, even whole cultures) to sleep. They cause the brain to fall into various stupor-like states of relative unconsciousness. Because the potential of full awakening is encoded within every living cell, a huge dilemma arises in the psyche beneath the level of consciousness. The human organism finds itself at odds with itself. Staying awake is overwhelming, since it forces one to deal with all that chaotic, driving clamorous energy that is incessantly flying about. The psyche is torn between must/can't stay awake, and all that could become the energy of potential transformation becomes the energy of compression, constriction, even destruction. Hence, you see societies filled with anger, greed, ignorance, intolerance, hate and even murderous rage. Is this where you want to live?

In the very near future, I believe the field of psychoacoustics will come to the forefront so as to influence virtually everyone who seeks not only spiritual transformation, but transformation from ineffective, even destructive, psychological patterns. In the next few years, it will become common knowledge that to preserve and heighten one's own basic sanity, one will need to be responsible for the quality of sound she/he allows to enter the central nervous system. Those on spiritual paths will learn that not only can they elevate the frequency of consciousness they intake through responsible listening, but they will also demonstrate the ability to heighten and sustain transformative potential in all areas of their lives. Through the introduction of musical sound rich in quality high frequencies, they will learn to strengthen their centeredness as well as their ability to ground the spiritual truths they know and practice.

Master D.K.’s teachings have inspired the development of “The Listening Program”, which provides full spectrum sound (20 Hz to 20,000 Hz that can provoke striking transformative experiences and enhance the ability to listen inwardly.

The Listening Program is available only through professional providers, such as Kathlyn Kingdon of Creative Directions, 303.333.2726. More info at