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Healer, Heal Thyself
by Ellen Champlin, LMP

This is the core philosophy presented in the newest educational program available in the Portland area. "Becoming a clear channel; dealing with your own personal issues, enables the facilitation of others in resolving their issues and problems gently and with ease."

For the first time, powerful healing tools are being made available, in a customized package, to the general public and facilitators in the field of the Intuitive Healing Arts. In order to meet the growing needs of educated clients in a satisfying manner and to compete in todays market, Health care practitioners need a wider variety of healing modalities to draw from.

"Our apprenticeship program in Intuitive Healing Arts comes at a time when people are ready to grow and expand", said Hudson. This program offers a scope of practice that guarantees personal growth results, keeping pace with an educated clientele and providing the repeat business of client satisfaction.

Partners in business since 1991, Lucia Soppe and Tom Hudson have spent much time and dedication in pulling together the best tools available and adding their own unique gifts to them in order to create a comprehensive educational program.

Tom earned his B.S. in Biology and a Ph.D. in Religion. After leaving a 25 year profession in allopathic Radiology to study alternative healing, Tom honed his skills in several techniques of Bodywork and Energywork, developing his own energy modalities focussed on resolving the effects of Delayed Stress Syndrome.

Lucia holds a degree in special education and has been working as a Specialized Kinesiologist since 1989. She is certified to use and teach a wide variety of bio-feedback techniques and has been doing so internationally for the last 10 years.

"This program is a unique learning experience, providing personal growth on a level that most people have not yet experienced", comments Lucia. Being in the program, one has the opportunity to receive first-hand, clinical experience of the techniques that are being taught and to gain an appreciation for the power of these tools before using them with others. It is the comprehensive theoretical instruction and the hands-on application of that learning in real life practice, that develops confidence and ensures the proper use of these tools to achieve the best results and benefit for clients.

"The tools and techniques that I'm learning are gentle, unique and powerful", says Joyce Gress a licenced massage therapist and current Apprenticeship student. "There is incredible growth potential on a personal level."

"This program has helped jump-start my personal growth, family relationships and massage business. Problems are easier to solve, relationships with my husband and children are deeper and more clients stay on as permanent clients due to the unique program I now offer", shares Elaine Smith, licensed massage therapist and current student in the program.

The different classes that are part of the program facilitate healing on various levels which makes this such a all encompassing program. Classes for corrective Bodywork (Cranio-Sacral release, Spinal Touch™ Therapy...), Kinesiology (Touch for Health® Kinesiology, Brain Gym®....), Energy Modalities (Reiki, I.A.M....) Aroma therapy, Flower Essences, Iridology and Emotional Stress Release (E.A.S.E., Body Circuitry....) weave together into a basket full of healing tools.

The classroom setting is intimate and people are carefully interviewed before being accepted into the program. Successful candidates for acceptance in the program are those committed to achieving their full potential on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. "We want to ensure that people in the program are actually prepared to handle the challenges that will come up for them in their personal and professional lives," comments Tom. This careful screening also ensure that classmates feel a sense of emotional safety and respect while interacting with eachother. "The people you are in class with are intimately involved in your process - as you are in theirs."

"Working in the intuitive healing arts is a creative process" Lucia concludes. "It is an art, and it requires dedication."

Currently applications for the Intuitive Healing Arts Apprenticeship program are being accepted and informational evenings organized. (see calendar of events) Persons interested in applying or learning more about the program can contact Tom or Lucia at the Center for Self Empowerment @ (503) 236-5911, or e-mail at