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The Genius Frequency
by John F. Falone, Book Review by Michael Russ

If a magician said to me, "Of all the books in print in the entire world today, you can choose only one book for all humanity to read, for all the other books in the world must be and will now be destroyed…"I would choose The Genius Frequency as the sole, surviving single published book on earth!!

In my life (since my own death and return at age 18) I have read and absorbed literally thousands of great, awesome books from all major "schools" of life, so this is saying a lot!The Genius Frequency will "knock your socks off" and hand you the elusive key towards being able to do "instant manifestations" or all those other awesome "miracles" you read or hear about--(now usually done only by great Adepts or powerful MASTERS)!

John F. Falone started from scratch and asked the puzzling questions from the universe and from "self".The "unlimited thoughts" that emerged through contemplation and meditation (he explains the difference) formed the basis of this book - 409 pages of pure genius!!He "makes no claims to know of any discarnate entity, supernatural being, or alien contact of any kind," but he was obviously divinely prompted and "inspired." His bold work of utter genius exemplifies what astounding results anyone can obtain by "seeking the Kingdom of Heaven within."

John quickly found that it is the true nature of the "intellect" or "altered ego" that has been the sole cause of growing entropy and death upon earth since the "fall" of original "divine man” (and woman--of course.)He explains clearly how the intellect can only deal with three-dimensional "sensory input" data.It cannot and will not accept, and violently opposes, fourth-dimensional WHOLE thought-forms!This is why earth science in its present stage can never understand creation.Science that does not understand and come from the WHOLE to the PART only gives "fractional " or fractal truths--which must constantly be updated.The "GENIUS FREQUENCY is missing from boastful "traditional" science.

The GENIUS FREQUENCY is always there--flowing naturally within the very atoms, cells and organs of the bodies and minds of every single human on earth!We merely need to pause or stop, bypass the intellect and ego, and go directly to the whole of creation.The whole of creation is "within" us at all times and wherever we are!Every fragmented atom contains the whole of creation and the whole of creation contains every atom.John unveils how this GENIUS FREQUENCY can be easily tapped by anyone through the basic, step-by-step processes outlined in this book.

We are on the very brink of a new 12,000-year cycle and a total shift from our dense third-dimensional life and consciousness on earth to a fourth and fifth dimensional existence!The fourth-dimension is composed solely of THOUGHT.Our "new home" will soon be the 5th-dimension and the author reveals how three distinct "waves" have been preparing all humankind on earth for this imminent Golden Age.

The first wave came about 2,000 years ago via the small handful of very powerful biblical prophets.The second wave came through universal telepathy, in much larger numbers, through what we term as "channels."And the third wave (by far the largest) encompasses those beings like you or me who are the "lightworkers" around the planet.

This third wave will grow fast, exponentially until critical mass is reached, and a "mass ascension" process follows.However, no one gets a free ride... Each one of us must choose to move into the GENIUS FREQUENCY.If we fail to choose self-responsibility (for the tragic affairs on earth) we "fall back into the abyss" to be re-cycled--for life is eternal!Those who go into denial or turn away from self-responsible lifestyles cannot and will not go with earth and the rest of humankind into the "heaven on earth" of the Golden Age (in the fifth-dimension.)

The knowledge unveiled and shared in this work is immense and pure genius.But genius, Falone assures us, "is not reserved for the famous.Genius is a frequency of mind made available to everyone."In 30 seconds, the author declares, GENIUS can be yours fully for the asking and receiving.

If you are to read only one more book in this lifetime, I encourage you - from the very depths of my soul and my own "heart of hearts" - to read The Genius Frequency.Leave the intellect behind--and choose genius!!

MOGUL: “I have read The Genius Frequency. For three days I was glued to my monitor as I absorbed every word.To me the book was a remembering. I felt such a resonance in my heart with the information contained in the book that I find myself groping for words to adequately describe to you in words how important this book is.

A year ago I read the Handbook and that helped light a spark in me that started me searching for my own personal truth.Since then, I have spent countless hours reading everything in sight to verify the truth. I have been to every corner of the Internet and even places that would not be appropriate to mention here.Then I read The Genius Frequency.

I no longer have a burning desire to read everything I lay my hands on for the most important lesson I have remembered is that we can be shown the path - we can even know the path, yet it is up to each one of us to open the door and walk the path.I learnt how to really open my eyes to the truth.I have felt the awesome feeling of love (I am groping for words to adequately describe this) in being connected to everyone and everything.

The book has helped me to remember who I really am.It really is like coming home! I would recommend this book as a MUST READ.”

The book may be obtained directly from: John F. Falone, Carrara Communications, 75 Haywood Street, Apt.G-3, Ashville, N.C. 28801, e-mail: complete book is also online at