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Conscious Relationship
A Gateway to Freedom
by WhiteWind Fisher, Shaman, MA, MFT
WhiteWind Fisher

Relationship is the passageway to knowing who we really are and why we are here. It reveals both the divine and the undeveloped character of the God/Goddess that we are through a mirror of magical magnetism reflecting intimacy as the only true doorway to harmony. Relationship is the ignition point of our birth, the reason we desire to be generous of our first act of creativity and it serves as an unending breath of the union of life, in the microcosm of the world found in the bosom of every person.

What makes any intimate relationship unique, whether it be a partner, child, friend or sibling, is that it poses both an initiation in greater consciousness and a remedy for your life. Your relationships always need exactly what you need to give, to generate a sense of well being for yourself! This is an awareness that can shift our response from feeling overwhelmed with trying to “do the right thing” to valuing our own authenticity. It allows love to prosper through faith in the grander intelligence of our whole mindbody instead of our intellect alone and relishes the innate wisdom of the grace of how we are knit together in the relationship in the first place. It forms the magic of relationship at its heart.

Our world is shifting paradigms. Our relationships are changing from the hard competition and winning focused attitudes they used to be founded upon to greater equality in our relationships and the development of conscious intent in allyship. Instead of viewing people as born to particular roles, we are learning to fully manifest our destinies and dreams through relationships of allied intent.

When two people or more come together freely and choose their intent together, they naturally create an honor code of upholding what is necessary to attain that intent. Thinking of one another as allies to the intent and remembering the love that created the intent together helps to take the place of the messy issues of drama and failed visions of love that occurred when people were unconscious of what was drawing them together. Conscious relationship moves us beyond the old into an activation of our fully felt body.

Love is witness of each other as important and valuable just because we are. Anyone who has felt love has either looked at another from this vantage point or has been looked at by someone else from this vantage point. Being thought of as a gift, as precious and without need to perform to be valued is critical to feeling the sweet flavor of love.

Conscious intent in the context of love will make use of anything to build and strengthen. Living from a conscious intent provides the context for digesting your struggles. When you share a dream together and you hold your behavior up to its light to discern if it is supporting or taking away from the dream, an honor code is set in place. Living in this conscious honorability together in any type of relationship lowers the risk of sabotage in the face of life’s challenges.

The greatest obstacle in relationship lack of trust in our own honest interaction with one another. Disbelief in the dreams of our hearts creates the hopelessness, fear and intimidation that usurps our honesty with one another and causes us to live in covert cycles of communication that never hit the mark. Often we do not trust that another will remember our value when we need from them and instead timidly request our deepest needs in such low tones that no one can hear us! However, through sharing a conscious intent in the spirit of allyship, you gain power to enter these subtler, tender realms of life. The relationship becomes organized to fulfill each individual’s desire as it upholds and seeks to honor its dream. It energetically transmutes your world into the quality of intent you hold, reshaping your world in greater and greater harmony and abundance!

Every relationship provides contrasts needed to awaken and become ourselves. To become you in the world is to be diverse. If you are diverse, you are an agent of change for the world and those around you. If you are not an agent for change, you are grouped in life's consciousness/ energy without distinction and wait unconsciously for the collective consciousness to create change for you. When you act on your own dreams you and your partner, friends and family are released from the bondage of the collective density of non awareness. Personal leadership and taking up heart in honor, dissolves the conditioning that connects you to it, and quickens your evolution beyond it. You become a fountain of life Source through your own creative essence. Once dreams unite from this Source to serve, the world is gifted with inspiration and creativity that renews its’ greater body of community.

There are new skills and awareness that people can learn to support the conscious evolution of their relationships and its’ quickening into abundance, joy and inspired creative alliance. Friends Landing offers coaching and a course known as, Love is Not a Mystery, It is a Technology.

WhiteWind Swan Fisher is the founder of Friends Landing, an educational company that believes in “self development for a peaceful world”. She coaches helping and healing professionals and the general public on a new paradigm of understanding known as Spherical Reality™, which she developed. A shaman, therapist, artist and writer, WhiteWind leads seminars and events that connect people to the laughter and sensibility of what heretofore has been called the mysteries of life. Friends Landing certifies people in Spherical Reality™ to be life and relationship coaches, hypnotists, and special leaders of Mastery Circles that enable people to create environments to live the new visions that emerge as they follow their hearts.