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It's the Summer Eclipse Season
~ The Changing of the Tides!
by Mark Dodich
Mark Dodich

Astrologers love eclipses. Ancient civilizations both feared them and revered them. Eclipses bring out your shadows and your strengths. They help you to access your core soul desires. If you understand the basic energy of eclipses, you can draw upon them for maximum benefit.

There are three eclipses during July, and an unusually high count of six for the year. Although they are not especially significant from a Pacific Northwest viewing perspective, they are important from an energetic standpoint.

Like the tides of the ocean, eclipses work in cycles. This summer, the eclipses shift out of the zodiac signs of Leo the leader and freedom-seeking Aquarius, and into nurturing Cancer and solid, foundation-building Capricorn. The shift is from the elements of fire-air into water-earth.

Think back to what you have done with your life since Summer, 1998 when the lunar emphasis on Leo and Aquarius began. You probably began to get innovative ideas about how you can help humanity and lead yourself to freedom. Beginning now, the shift is away from an energy of outwardly seeking our highest desires and dreams towards inwardly creating a life structure that will nurture us at the deepest levels. Your core soul desires will seek ways to manifest themselves in the practical, mundane world.

July has an emphasis on the sign Cancer beginning with the July 1st partial solar eclipse. The zodiac sign cancer rules women, children, food, farming, upset stomachs, emotional nurturing, the disease cancer, and all aspects of the feminine.

Since the United States was created with the Sun in Cancer, expect the next president to enhance healing in all of these areas. Also, watch for political and other news items in Chile, Argentina, and the South Pacific, as they are under the path of the eclipse.

Solar eclipses like those on July 1st and 30th bring out the part of you that has been holding back. You may have to interrupt the busyness of your daily life to focus on what your soul really wants to do in this life. Imagine, having to stop all of the little things you do each day in order to bring forth what you really want out of life!

If you were born under the zodiac signs of Cancer, Capricorn, Aquarius, or Leo - or have natal chart planets in those signs, you will be most highly stimulated this summer. Everyone should ask himself or herself what do they really need in order to feel fulfilled and nurtured in this life. Contrary to popular belief, this does not necessarily include winning the lottery and finding your soul mate. (Sorry!) It is time to seek a deep level of satisfaction and an awareness that goes beyond the physical needs of this world.

The July 30th solar eclipse is the final one in Leo. Handle any unfinished business from the last 1 years. Leo asks you to step forward to allow your Light to shine. The eclipse is partially visible over Alaska and NW Canada, so there may be news from our friends from the north.

On July 16th at 6:55 AM PDT, a lunar eclipse will be partially visible in the WESTERN USA. Because it is a long 1 hour and 47 minutes over Australia, the Philippines, Japan, Hawaii, and New Zealand, the effects of the Capricorn eclipse are likely to be pronounced in those regions.

Whereas a solar eclipse stimulates your need to fully express your self-identity and self-esteem in the world, a lunar eclipse impacts your emotional body. What emotions have you pushed to the back burner of your life for too long?

A Capricorn lunar eclipse calls you to balance the needs of your physical world with your emotional world. In spiritual astrology, Capricorn initiates you into a higher order. You let go of old ways and step forth into a higher frequency of vibration. What old habits, beliefs, and behaviors do you need to release this summer?

Add to that the wild card of Mercury retrograde in Cancer from June 23 - July 17th and you have the makings of a summer that helps you to blend your logic, your emotions, and your soul desires. Do invest time during this introspective period in getting rest and clarity in your life.

As you can see, eclipses are here to help you. If you find yourself getting frustrated or depressed during July, it may be because you have left your core soul desires and purpose on the backburner of activity for too long. The surest way out of those feelings is to reassert what you really want to do in life. Begin to take steps to call into your life that which your heart and soul really wants to do. Allow yourself to do those things that you have been too busy for, even if just a couple hours per week. If you allow yourself to experience the assistance that eclipses have to offer, you will be well on the path to increasing your fulfillment in life. Now is the time to flow with the changing tides of energy to create a fully integrated lifestyle.

Mark Dodich has been a professional astrologer, specializing in spiritual purpose and relocation, since 1980. He is past president of the Oregon Astrological Association. For a free copy of his newsletter, ASTROMARK, contact him at (503) 252-1558 or visit his weekly Astrology Forecast at