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Conclusions on Chemtrails
by William Thomas

Erminia Cassani deserves thanks and congratulations for her long and sometimes personally perilous investigations into low-level air drops of pathogen-bearing gel and red powder over suburban neighborhoods in Ontario, and across the USA.

Throughout her research I have kept our confidentiality agreement on certain aspects of her work until she was ready to publish her preliminary findings. It is time that we heard from this key researcher, and I am glad she has come forward now.

After 19 months' investigation, I believe that the higher-level 'chemtrail' operation involving 700 US Air Force tanker planes and some civilian airliners is separate, though possibly related to, the splattering of lab-tested bacteria, molds and fungi over homes from aircraft flying at tree-top level.


I believe that Erminia Cassani is on the right track when she calls chemtrails a solar shield. In recent weeks I have independently arrived at a similar conclusion. Based on all available evidence, including:

  • a call by Edward Teller for an aerial 'sunscreen' to reflect 1% of incoming sunlight away from Earth in order to cool out-of-control greenhouse warming...
  • a study by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory where computer climate models showed this could be done at a cost of $1 billion a year...
  • a patent issued to aerospace giant, Hughes Aircraft Company to spray highly-reflective aluminum oxide aloft 'to reduce global warming'...
  • falling local temperatures and greatly reduced UV radiation levels measured under chemtrail overcasts... my best guess is that the deliberate overcasts caused by repeated chemtrail obscuration of 'blue sky days' is a desperate attempt to head off the Superstorms, floods and droughts of global warming – without reducing fossil fuel burning and harming the balance sheets of all businesses enmeshed in a petroleum-powered economy.

Insurance companies bigger than Big Oil and the international arms trade are being hammered by catastrophic storm losses caused by a rapidly heating atmosphere. They are telling Washington, Whitehall, Ottawa and other allied nations over which the spray planes are appearing, to cool global warming -or else. If the big insurers go down, so will the money markets in which they invest so heavily. And so will the banks that back them.

Follow the money. It leads, in every case, to corporate interests - a tune to which all governments must dance.

You can be certain that chemtrails are not being spread for your own good. Whatever their intended purpose, which I now believe to be atmospheric modification, this unprecedented aerial assault is further amplifying wild weather swings - while sickening millions of people, pets and other animals. And killing a significant number of elderly, along with others made vulnerable by weakened immunity.

As the first journalist to break the chemtrails story back in January, 1999, I have stayed with this frustrating and often infuriating investigation knowing that its answers will ultimately go far beyond aerial spraying to address the fundamental democratic issues of public consent and political accountability. The hour is very late for people everywhere to reclaim control over their destinies and daily lives - as well as the future freedom and well-being of our children.

But there is still time. And because they are so blatantly and consistently in our face, chemtrails could be that catalyst.

What We Can Say

In late June 2000 we can say with certainty that an unprecedented aerial spray campaign high over at least 13 allied nations is causing serious illness and fatalities on the ground, while interfering with local cloud cover and weather patterns. Whatever their original intent, once the perpetrators of both high- and low-level spraying know that high numbers of sick, dying and dead people follow in the wake these missions - all further spray flights become deliberate attacks.

After nearly two years of dogged research by some very dedicated people, we now have some answers to the chemtrail conundrum. At the very least - without any suppositions or allegations – chemtrails captured on thousands of photographs and seeming miles of videotape constitute a severe air quality and public health threat that must be thoroughly investigated by respective responsible agencies. Dangerous flying by formations of heavy aircraft over populated areas also contravenes many flight regulations - requiring a response from the FAA better than "flights from Japan," "flights from Russia," and "delayed Christmas traffic".

No matter how heartfelt and courageous, anonymous emails from 'mechanics', 'managers' and 'pilots' aren't enough. Despite the penalties for breaching 'National Security' laws, we can only pray that a 'whistle-blower' brave enough to come forward will soon present verifiable evidence of what is really going on. While the US Supreme Court has ruled that the commands of military commanders supersede even civilian law, the Military Code of Justice still stipulates that carrying out illegal orders is...illegal. Most of all, we need these high- and low level aerial attacks to cease while we are informed of their purpose and decide as sovereign citizens how best to proceed in light of whatever threats - or elite agenda - presents itself. It does not take evil intent to result in evil consequences.

Excerpts from a report filed on “Sightings” (
by William Thomas, journalist on June 23, 2000.