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by Octavia Brooks
Caveat: I am not an astrologer, so this is in very basic lay-woman's terms, as I understand things. My sources are a talk I went to on 5/28 with an astrologer named Govinda, and also articles in the latest issue of Mountain Astrologer.

--Chiron went into Sagittarius on Feb 11 for about 2 years. Indicates a healing of humanity's collective relationship to Spirit. End results are likely to be a re-alignment of government, the legal system, industry, banking, etc. along more humanitarian lines, where justice and compassion are in balance. Given we are just starting this process, there is likely to be a lot of polarization before the process is complete. Expect to see more prejudice, righteousness until spirituality gets infused into these systems.

--Jupiter in Aries Feb 12-June 27 and Oct 23 '99-Feb 11 '00. This indicates expansion into new territory, with inspiration, courage and direction.

--Saturn in (opposing?) Taurus Feb 99-April 2001. Our collective fears, particularly around the Earth's resources, will be made more obvious, causing us to look again at our values. The misuse of planetary resources may come to a head. There is an indication of possible karmic retribution on the part of the Earth. (Note: this information put together with Uriel's message that Earth is getting pummelled with solar flares and spiritual vibrations may mean we are in for some intense weather, such as earthquakes, volcano eruptions, tornadoes, etc.) Also, our attachments to posessions, wealth and self-esteem are likely to be challenged.

--Saturn square Uranus July to April 2001. Expect the unexpected; let go of all attachments. This configuration is likely to affect technology, communication systems, electricity and electro-magnetic fields (like our auras), and reinforces the possibility of unexpected weather mentioned above. This configuration creates a wide-open communication channel with Spirit and Divine Mind. There is a lot of pressure from "above" to find the best ways to serve humanity from our own personal truth; we may experience negative reinforcement from going down the wrong path. On a grand scale, society will be encouraged to serve nobler causes than we have collectively chosen in the past, or chaos may result. Collective principles will be tested. Any structures in the way of acting for the highest good will be removed. The time between cause and effect will be shorter, enabling a clear picture of how we reap what we've sown.

--Lunar Eclipse on July 28th: Even tho Mercury will still be in retrograde, according to Uriel this event begins a blessed respite of a few days before even more intensity comes in. There may be a feeling that time is standing still. Be aware of the choices you are making during this period, because the Universe is still at peak attention.

--Solar Eclipse August 11, 1999: There are 8 major planets involved with four square configurations and a grand cross configuration (this means the chart looks really cool). The last eclipse like this one saw the beginning of the bubonic plague that wiped out 75% of the population on the planet, so hold onto your seats. With this many planets involved in squares, the intensity is magnified. We are likely to see sudden, massive changes in family/community values and structures, global economy (I've heard the term "meltdown" applied), resulting in new financial systems and a re-distribution of wealth, more positive attitudes towards "unusual" family structures, such as gay families, group marriages, communal living, etc. There are likely to be a lot of territorial disputes, and hot spots in the world (Ireland, India, Cuba, North Korea, Palestine, Iran-Iraq, Eastern Europe, etc.) may ignite into war. The effects of this eclipse will continue for months. During the eclipse, if you have the luxury of taking the day off and meditating, your thoughts and visions will have even more impact, since the veils between human and divine consciousness are thinnest during solar eclipses.

--Venus will go below the horizon from August 11 to November 1999. There will be a lot of collective fear about what is happening, such as all will be destroyed, Spirit has abandoned us. This is not the case, it is the pendulum swinging into an opposite extreme from where it has been before it comes back into balance. Use the coping skills I outline below to uphold and radiate faith and courage to get through the last months of '99.

Coping With It All:

We have a lot to cope with, even without knowing about potential upcoming events. Many people are experiencing various levels of spiritual awakening that is leaving them moody, emotional, achy, anxious, jittery, restless, tired and needing special diets. These symptoms are natural under the circumstances. Treat yourself well. Vibrational remedies such as flower essences are a balm for these symptoms by gently bringing spirit and body into alignment.

--Physically: Drink a lot of pure water, take mineral supplements (with trace minerals especially). If agitated, take walks in Nature and use water to help create flow (baths, swimming, showers, beach time). Keep breathing! Keep laughing!

--Meditate often, aligning yourself with the very energies which are changing. Open yourself to love from Spirit. Drink it in and expand yourself to hold more and more and radiate it out. Ask to be guided in walking the path of your highest purpose and truth. (Referring to next article) Ask to have your DNA mutated so you too can be disease and illness resistant! All thoughts and prayers are amplified; constantly focus on the positive. Affirm your commitment to relationship with the Divine.

--Pertinent quote from the Internet: "Work like you don't need money, love like you've never been hurt, and dance like no one's watching!"

Here are some Attitude Tips:

--Master your thinking and beliefs. Throw out beliefs that aren't in alignment with where we're going, such as judgment, dichotomy, polarity. Think expansively, inclusively, and above all, THINK POSITIVELY. Vision what your new world will be like, vision the safe evolution of our race, vision a world in harmony with Earth and Spirit. NOW IS THE TIME TO CREATE WHAT YOU WANT! All thoughts at this time are getting hyper attention from the Universe, so let's make sure there is a critical mass of us keeping thoughts positive and visionary.

--Maintaining a "this too shall pass" attitude of detatchment in the face of troubling times. RELEASE FEAR. Knowing this is all part of a necessary phase of human evolution, to bring about more balance in our relationships with Spirit, Earth, and each other. Have faith and courage, and carry this light into the world around you.

--Be as adaptable and flexible and willing to change as you can possibly be. Build up those creativity muscles.

--Let go of any need for complete emotional/pyschological processing before moving onto the next issue. It is very likely things will go way too fast for this. If you must document to complete your processing, think bullet points!

--Be willing to be frugal and do without material posessions or money if necessary. Maintain a sense of abundance and gratitude anyway. Giving helps you feel abundant, so give a little of that which you feel most fearful of losing. Begin a gratitude practice.

--Serve humanity. Get all your thoughts, actions, money, and beliefs into alignment with the best way to serve your new vision. Allow your heart to make decisions. Serving the good of all will be well rewarded.

--Create beauty. Gardens, artwork, song, random acts of kindness. Radiate peace, security and love, reinforcing to others that all will be well. Keep hope alive by role-modeling the best human qualities.

--Surrender and let your feelings flow through you.

Some pictures of how society will look when we have completed more of this evolutionary phase:

--The world's wealth will be more evenly distributed. Barter and trade will become a common means of exchange for products and services.

--Money will be less of an issue, we'll recognize that we are already abundant, and that the amount of money or goods/services we have for trade will feel abundant.

--Earth's resources will be respected and used in a sustainable way. All brooks are blissing!

--Cultures learn from each other and leverage intellectual wealth.

--We love and accept everyone, no matter what type of relationship they're in, what type of god they worship. Diversity is highly prized.

--People are open and flexible in their thinking. Everyone is doing a job they love. We are all happy and well-loved.

--Your Vision Here!