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The Spirit of the Fire
by Danny Pharr

"I know the experience had a purging effect on me. I have since undertaken risks and opened new doors for myself. And whenever fears surge up, I recall the firewalk." - Rick Gore, Science Editor for National Geographic.

"I feel connected to my spirit. Thank you for the firewalk. It has changed my life." - Marcy Shannon, Attorney.

"...a life enhancing experience...It changed my life." - Catherine Cooper, Director of Sales. "I can do anything I set my mind to...I proved to myself I can do the impossible." - Charles Benson, Machinist.

"...a truly wonderful experience." - Loretta Wyer, Administrative Operations Analyst.

"When thoust walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee." - Isaiah 43:2.

Firewalking, walking barefoot across 1200 red-hot embers, is the single most transformational tool on the planet today. A million people have crossed the fiery bed of coals to find a new reality waiting on the other side.

Imagine what life would be like without limitations, without excuses, and without capitulation. Imagine being fearless, invincible, and in complete control of your life. Imagine finding a blessing in everything you do and instantly connecting with Spirit.

The firewalk is all that and more. Walking on fire, doing the impossible, is a deeply spiritual and personal experience. Nothing compares to the feeling of being blessed by Spirit in the elemental state we call Fire. People have been walking on fire for thousands of years in all parts of the world. The Bible is replete with references to firewalking. Some rulers banned it, others encouraged it. Ancient Celtic and European children and animals walked the fiery coals for purification and protection. Celtic clan leaders walked on fire to prove their resolve and leadership of their people before entering negotiations with rival clans. Monks walked the flames to touch their God.

"When I first stepped on the coals, almost five years ago, I couldn't believe the voices in my head telling me to walk. My feet wanted to walk, my breath yearned to cross the fire, my heart..., everyone and everything inside me decided before my conscious mind did, that it was now time to let go of what was

holding me back. I looked up at the stars, saw a sign, a guiding vision, and before I knew it, I was half way across the fire."

Since that magical evening, Ariel has taught hundreds of people how to cross the fire safely. Many of them describe their first firewalk in much the same way as Ariel describes hers, as a truly life-changing experience, as if the firewalk chemically changed their mental make-up, allowing major shifts in

consciousness to move through them more quickly, showing an obviously recognizable and quantifible result in their life. Sometimes the changes are subtle at first; some firewalkers find themselves slowly having more courage to strike up conversations or maybe asking the boss for a raise. For other firewalkers, the changes happen immediately, and the week following the seminar they are leaving bad relationships or finding new jobs with the same vigor they used to walk over the burning coals. Either way, the firewalk is pervasive and its effects will spread to all areas of a person's life.

Every day we come across situations in life that are extremely challenging, or apparently impossible. And just like standing at the foot of a bed of burning embers, we have to make a choice: commit to resolving the issues at hand and walk victoriously across the coals, or relent. It's not the outcome that matters, but the commitment to life with intent, compassion, enthusiasm and self-respect. Ariel Frager, Director of Wings of Fire, said it best when quoted in the May '98 issue of National Geographic:

"Walk with purpose. Be mindful of others on the coals. Breathe deeply. And always respect the Fire."