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Songwriter of the Month
Mark Olmstead is excited about taking top honors in the Portland Songwriters Association April contest with his most recent song titled "The best that I can be." As with his other original songs included on his first CD titled "The Soul Reason," Mark's goal is to inspire the listener to a greater awareness of our spiritual essence. As demonstrated in his title song lyrics;

"Reflecting on lessons that you've shared for years
While stepping through stages of laughter and tears
I'm reading the writing infront of my eyes
Where the words of a prayer now appear...
The Soul Reason Is Love"

He communicates the possibility of healing our lives and relationships through exposure to a positive love inspired message. In Mark's words, "it seems to me we've learned that human beings respond to repeated exposure to information. Look at advertisers for instance. Our consciousness creates our reality and our "listening" creates our consciousness.

Mark shares his musical message with the community in avariety of venues including weddings, private parties childrens groups and local churches (The Living Enrichment Center, Celebrations, The God Connection, and Beaverton Unity.) May 15 he will be performing for the Peace March in Grant's Park honoring the Season For Non-violence and Mark and friends continue to play Every Second Friday at Annie's Coffee House. Please come join us for a spirit filled evening of music.

If you're interested in picking up Mark's CD, The Soul Reason is available at the Tualatin Borders, Locals Only, the Christian Supply stores and at several church bookstores, or by contacting Mark directly at 452-6522 or E-mail to