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Sexism Awareness

The Global Process Institute, in conjunction with Drs. Amy and Arnold Mindell, would like to invite you to attend an open forum on the issue of sexism within our communities, societies and cultures.

The issue of sexism is becoming more freely identified and discussed, and awareness is often brought now to its existence in our daily lives. When the occurrence of sexism is pointed out, it often becomes a contentious issue and one which is difficult to process amongst the parties concerned.

This meeting is an attempt to bring together, in a facilitated environ-ment, people from many of our city's diverse communities, in order to dialogue, debate and express their deep-felt concerns about this issue. This open forum approach to discussion will be facilitated by a team of practiced facilitators, and offers an opportunity for all viewpoints and positions to be expressed in a setting in which opinions from those of different genders, races, cultures and groups can be heard and acknowl-edged. When these views are expressed, it provides us with the possibil-ity of learning not only about the experiences of others, but also how we react to those with different views than our own. This often enables a deeper understanding of the issues discussed and the cultivation of sustainable change.

Over the last few years we have organized town meetings in Portland on Homophobia, Race and Economics, and Homelessness in association with the Process Work Center of Portland.

We hope you will join us and share your views and experiences.