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The Dreaming Up Process
by Paul Levy

When you awaken inside of a dream you realize that everybody else in the dream is not actually separate from you, but are in fact different reflections of your own True Self. You begin to realize, as the quantum physicists have pointed out, that not only is there nothing objectively existing out there, but that the very way we observe each other actually has an effect on each of us. In essence, you discover that we are moment by moment "dreaming each other up."

When somebody sees you a certain way, they are, in terms of physics, "collapsing the wave function," amplifying and evoking out of your hologram of infinite potentiality a particularly limited aspect of who you are. This immediately calls forth out of you exactly that part of yourself, which if you aren't careful, you will find yourself identified with and acting out, as if under a spell. Your manifesting in this particular way just confirms to the other person that this is who you are, so they will start to solidify you even more this way, which pulls this part out of you even more, which confirms to them even more that this is who you "really" are, ad infinitum.

You can't say, though, that you are only manifesting in that way because they are dreaming you up to manifest in that way, for you are dreaming them up to dream you up this way; it is a mutually arising process.

This is what I call "the dreaming up process." We are all dreaming up our universe moment by moment. No one seems to notice this process, though, as it not only happens in no time whatsoever, but it takes place outside of time itself.

To the extent that we are asleep in the dream and have unresolved wounds and abuse issues, we will unconsciously dream other people up so as to endlessly recreate, act out, confirm and make real our woundedness.

When you begin to wake up to the dreaming up process, which is the same thing as becoming lucid in a dream, the boundary starts to dissolve between dreaming and waking, between the inner and the outer. When you wake up inside of a dream, be it a night dream or the waking dream that you call your life, you recognize that the outer dreamscape and your inner process are one and the same, as the dream has been discovered to be nothing other than your own inner process projected externally, or dreamed up, into the seemingly outer dreamscape.

This is the key moment, as this is the moment when, instead of reacting to the other as if they are separate from yourself, you realize that you are both dreaming each other up to play roles in each other's dream dramas. If both people realize that this is the very nature of relationships, they have built a container which can then embrace and work with whatever shadow energies get constellated. Their relationship becomes the very vehicle through which they can heal their woundedness and awaken to their true nature.

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