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My Life Was Out of Control!
by Barbara Roland
He had a drug problem, had been arrested a couple of times and hated his job. This may be a familiar story for many but this is a true story for a local Portland man who was able to change and how he overcame his troubles.

Local small business owner Jeff O'Mealy said "My life was a total mess. I was involved with drugs despite the fact I didn't really want to be. Even being arrested 2 times wasn't reason enough to quit. My life was out of control!"

"I stopped using drugs when I walked into the Scientology center and signed up for a course to improve my ability to communicate." After Jeff completed the Communication course he stated, "It worked and I never looked back."

"When I first started Scientology, I was working as a laborer for minimum wage and absolutely hated my job. Then I read the book 'The Problems of Work' and it totally changed my viewpoint about life and work. My job just got better and better! My boss noticed it too and I got three raises in two weeks," asserted Jeff O'Mealy.

There are millions of Scientologists around the world who consider they have no greater friend than L. Ron Hubbard. By learning and following his religious philosophy they have improved their lives and are on the road to greater spiritual awareness. "After twenty years as a Scientologist, I've grown to have the utmost respect for L. Ron Hubbard and I truly do consider him my best friend."

Today Jeff O'Mealy affirms "I am very happily married to a wonderful woman and we have two very beautiful daughters. I co-founded and run a successful business, have a nice home, and spend my time doing the things I enjoy most."

As creator of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard devoted his life to finding answers to questions that have troubled mankind for millennia. Scientology itself is defined as "The study and handling of the spirit in relationship to itself, universes and other life."

This religious philosophy employs workable methods of application that make it possible for man to reach the ancient goal he has been striving toward for thousands of years: to know himself and, in knowing himself, to know and understand other people and, ultimately, life itself.

Are you wanting to improve your life and make some changes? Are you having problems that you cannot seem to solve - marriage troubles, unable to communicate to your children, a drug problem, unable to understand others, a job you hate? Would you like to gain a better understanding of your spiritual self? Call the Church of Scientology for information or to find out where you can get a copy of the book "What Is Scientology?" at 221-4504. You can visit the Church, Sunday through Saturday, at 440 S.W. 4th Ave., Portland, OR.