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by By Shannon Dwyer

"I believe that singing, chanting, toning, prayer and healing are all one and the same. We are creative beings, responsible for our bodies, our emotions, our thoughts and minds. What we give our attention to we give our energy to. I believe that by consciously and intentionally using sound we discover ourselves as co-creators."

Norma Gentile

Many questions were asked by me of intuitive healer Norma Gentile at our interview. The tape recording of our interview had failed. I now sit with paper and pen, trying to remember the crux of what we had talked about.

What I remember the most about our interview was at the end when she asked me if I wanted a sample of the healing energy she works with in her life and workshops. I then agreed. She asked me to sing any note and then hold it, so I did. She then began to sing with and around my notes, and I too sang to her notes.

The sound we began to create together began to resonate a powerful and healing force all its own. Simultaneously I felt so utterly connected to Norma, myself and my relationship to the universe. I then understood, within that moment, that Norma's work is very powerful and healing. In a instant, she had guided me and helped me to reawaken to the infinite resource state available to us all.

An experiential weekend "retreat" surrounded by silence, song meditation and much more will begin May 21-23, 1999.

For more information and registration contact: Debora Tramposh at (503) 658-8793.