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Creating Heaven on Earth . . . Part II
by Annie Palmer

Continued from March/April issue.

There also was another energy present along with "mine," this is someone familiar. His Love gently reminded me of someone in my past... There is a soul vibration at the opening to the experience in is Jeshua! As I see this within my inner being. I am being embraced for a long time. I make a statement "I miss the physical embrace." He said he does too and his memory is very clear of what this was like, the love between Jeshua and Mary. He said "The tools I have shared with you are from our memory together, dear Annie, dear one. Yes, you're on the right path. You know I've been with you all the time!" Then there was a lot of light around me.

This light got me to the point in my session with Julia that these words came to me, "I have visited here before." Julia asked where was this? "Heaven of course!" as this was the reply. Moving on with the memory " the experience world of thought...energies and experiences happen at once. You are not alone. Your quest for guidance has brought you to this position. Your Reality is formulating from all the aspects of existence through out the world." At this point, the entity explaining this identifies herself as Miriam (Jeshua's mother Mary), and I remembered being with her in 1981.

Miriam told me who I was 2000 years ago in 1981. Not thinking too much of this information, it really wasn't a big deal to me. But when I saw Julia and experienced that life, that energy became more of a reality for me.

During the session, my desire was to see segments of my past life. The suggestion was to go back 2000 years, seeing through the Spirit's eyes and reliving some segments in my past life.

In this session, I began moving into a love based experience. I loved my childhood, it feels good to feel the freedom of being barefoot! My face is thin, but not too thin. It was a happy childhood as everyone was so supportive. Oh, someone is talking to's a young Jeshua and He wants to play! We're hand in hand, running through a field with flowers and grass. I feel his hand in mine, we're enjoying each other with respect and honoring our presence. He laughs a lot, and it is real easy to see the motivations used to enlighten His Spiritual Self. He knows only one thing, Who He is, in the light of Reality. The only thing He sees everywhere present is Spirit; His enlightened Self.

I see Him like a 1000-watt light bulb; the Light is emanating from His physical body about five or more inches. And He says "I see the light in you too Mary (Magdalene) now don't forget!" As He playfully sings this to me, I see the energy around myself, it is also like a light bulb.

This experience was just the experience that I needed to remember. Then Jeshua said "Allow me/us to grow...for this is Our experience this time, dear One, to move within Spirit together, into the Being that We are. The Light shall shine, for I know Who You Really Are and Who I Am." I knew we were not overshadowing one another. What ye does unto the least in me, is done unto thy Self. Parable examples give light unto those who have ears to hear. Living the parables He taught brings Honor unto our Selves, as He welcomes our return home.

During the Heavenly experience in 1981, I was excited about the results that were being shown to me when the tools are being used. However, I was not sure how this would be received and how I was to bring this out. I am a "nobody," my dad was a carpenter from Olympia, Washington and I will become a small town Chiropractor. Besides this, I am also a bit shy! Miriam assured me that everyone here (in Heaven) would be with me giving me support and guidance. "Do you remember Jeshua?" Marian asked.

"No, I don't," I answered.

"You also know him as Jesus. He is giving you His supporting energy within this transition process." As Miriam continued, "...there will also be one who will step out first. With his commitment, he will be a support, and remind you of your purpose. You also know him in your past lifetime with Jeshua." I then saw an image of a gentleman, whose smile welcomed me. This memory stirred within my inner being when I met Nick Bunick for the first time in his first Seattle symposium in 1997. As he stepped out with his purpose, this reminded me of my own, like Miriam had stated.

All the tools will continually bring those with practical application, an immediate foundation to accessing communication with their personal recognition of Reality. This attracts Heaven on Earth. No matter what the appearance is, the illusion shall be seen with its dramas and forgiven. Forgiven into the nothingness of their origin, creating a miracle ("The Course in Miracles"). "Ask but my help to roll the stone away, and it is done according to His will. We have begun the journey," "The Course in Miracles, clarification of Terms."

The workshop details what holds you back; how to lift the "illusions" and attract Reality. Miriam, Jeshua, St. Germain, Mary Magdalene and many more will be present. Each participant will also have personal guides that work within the process, helping bring their truth within your experiences.

The next of the continuing workshops are available in Portland and Vancouver. Annie Palmer can be reached at (360) 335-0818 for private consultations or future scheduled workshops.