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Connection with Mother Earth is Vital to our Sense of Well Being
An interview of Frodo Okulam

by Nancy Pagaduan

In Goddess traditions, the various seasons of our earth are correlated with the various stages of human development / Life Cycle. Maiden=Spring, Mother=Summer, Crone=Autumn. Right now it's a dramatically changing season. Look at the energy in the earth. It's obvious that we can't suppress her. Temporarily, maybe, but even paved areas cannot be subdued. The Life Force cannot be restrained.

In Lord of the Rings, a novel, the elves recognized 6 seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, Fading, Winter and Stirring. I often hear people say that they were caught off guard with thc sudden appearance of Spring busting out all over. In fact, it has been on its way for several months. Now that you've heard the terms Fading and Stirring, see if this makes a difference in Spring seemingly sneaking up on you again. Enjoy the "happy secret." Knowing the signs and watching for Spring can increase our quotient of happy anticipation and birth feelings of gratitude.

Women tend to tap into earth energy and use it for change. Many do Earth Healing via microcosm service-work, like creating serene, beautiful homes and/or creating gardens of new life, growth and beauty. But what can we do when we work in windowless environments? One corporation changes the pictures in the office, seasonally, reflecting the current season outside. I like the idea of calendar pictures in my office, and I can change it often.

Our world has been a frenzy of swirling energy, of calendars, clocks and deadlines. Feeling driven? It's a common phenomenon. Isn't it time to get out of our heads and into Life? Feeling frazzled, scattered? Our first instinct should be to Ground. Check in with the earth. On second thought, park your car and make time to just be here, now. Look around; recognize the awesomeness of the Earth, her magnificent creatures; mineral, plant and animal.

We humans have a legitimate need to reconnect with Mother nature on a regular basis. Humans tend to be impatient and want everything right now. As a result, we seem to have to learn how to slow down, how to give ourself time to be with nature, how to appreciate what is on a daily-weekly-monthly basis. Meditation, unstructured walks, etc. are good therapy.

I love it when a friend of mine calls to set a "do-nothing" date. When we get together, there is no preconceived plan. It feels great to just be with each other.

When we make a commitment to make a change in our habits and a clear statement of intent for the benefit of ourselves, our community and our Earth, we are on the road to collaborating with the energy that is right here all the time. Divine energy, an endless supply of it.

We know a Portland woman who cleared away compost in one section of her garden to make way for a Stargazing Booth. "What's a Stargazing Booth," you say? It's a place that provides visual access to the stars. Working all day with people, hearing non-stop conversations, she found she needed solitude. Remembering that she once loved to look at stars, she set out to incorporate this activity into her daily life. Living in the city would not deter her. We applaud the ingenuity and the can-do spirit with which she is creating this unique and elegant solution.

Other ways to incorporate the divine

Create an altar for yourself, in honor of the earth. It can be indoors or out.
Plan to be outdoors at least 20 minutes everyday, rain or shine.
Say hello to the trees you meet every day.

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