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The Boundary Dissolves Between Dreaming and Waking
by Paul Levy
When you deeply connect with your dreams, something very unusual starts to happen; you  might start to notice that certain dreams are starting to manifest in your waking life. It is like  the boundary begins to dissolve between dreaming and waking, between the inner and the  outer, and you begin to realize that your inner process has spilled out from inside of your skull  and is incarnating itself in the form of your actual life. 

This is the crucial moment in your healing. If you don't recognize that you have literally  dreamed up your inner situation in your outer life, you will react to the situation like it's out  there and separate from you, once again becoming conditioned by it, which is to simply  perpetuate your woundedness and stay stuck. This is exactly the same thing as falling into your unconscious or being unconsciously absorbed in a dream. 

On the other hand, if you recognize that the universe itself has shape-shifted in a very  dreamlike way and presented you with exactly the opportunity you need in order to work  towards your wholeness, you have stepped through the doorway into genuine healing. You  have literally become lucid in the dream of life. 

An experience that revealed this insight to me happened in the spring of 1993. I was having  dinner in Sedona with my girlfriend at the time. All of a sudden, I had this incredible insight  about a dream I had about five years ago. In the dream, I had confronted my father, angrily telling him "You don't respect boundaries." In the dream, I brought up a number of other dreams that illustrated how he didn't honor my boundaries, such as the dream when he barged into my therapist's office without knocking. And the dream where he kept on pouring water over me while I was sitting in the bathtub, even after I asked him not to. 

That night in Sedona I was deeply realizing the truth of how my father had trespassed my  boundaries in a way I never had before. I began to passionately write down my insights in my journal, and at the moment I had started to write down the title of the dream, which I called "No Boundary," something unusual happened. At that exact moment, the guy from the next table literally comes up to me and grabs my notebook out of my hands and starts reading it! 

Astonished, I look at him and say "Hey, that's my personal journal." We look at each other andhe mutters an apology, giving my journal back to me. He goes back to his table, gets his coat and walks out of the cafe. And dissolves back into the ether, I'm sure. 

In this multi-leveled synchronicity, boundaries between inner and outer and between  dreaming and waking were dissolving. It was like I found myself enacting a dream. The  universe had shape-shifted in a very dreamlike way and presented me with the exact situation that I was trying to work through in both the dream with my father as well as in my life. I further realized that this had always been the case, I just hadn't recognized it before.

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