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Aquarian Research is not your usual rural retreat center, but we share a 24 ft. dia. yurt in a loving cooperative village known as the Love Israel Family, four hours by car north of Portland. The village with some sixty people of all ages is certainly unusual, and Aquarian even more so. Each summer the village sponsors a Garlic Festival for as many as 15,000 people. August 13th to 15th are this year's dates, and folks can call the family center at 360-435-8577 for information about that. But Aquarian's story is different.

Years ago a ten-year-old boy asked his teacher: "What is the purpose of life" and she replied: "The purpose of life is to have the highest possible standard of living." Nine years later he asked college classmates the same question: "No one can answer that question," they all agreed.

Then, at a Quaker meeting he learned of a group of 600 people in Paraguay, S.A. who lived and worked together without money and did not go to war. Thinking they might have the answer, he approached his college dean who said: "A year at a place like that is worth more than a year at any college."

That was enough. Art went there and found the answer he sought so he remained with that group almost 17 years before going to work for the peace movement. As a "Paraguayan-style" mechanic he could fix almost anything and volunteered to set up printing presses for all kinds of anti-war groups. Communal groups, religious, secular, even group marriages gladly supported him with free room and board so he could do that work without pay, and he also learned a lot from their lifestyle discoveries.

When most of his tricks were learned by many younger activists, Art went to Philadelphia to start the Aquarian Research Foundation to find out how this planet could have a really positive future. Tax exempt status was donated by a law firm. Twenty-eight years and some miracles later, Art was led to the work of Dr. Randell Mills and his team of 25 scientists. Mills made the startling discovery that hydrogen from water could change to a lower energy form and thereby produce a huge amount of heat without any pollution or radioactivity.

Our goal is that in a few short years, every little village can have its own decentralized power. Pollution and the struggle for energy will be coming to an end.

Right now Art is at the Love Israel Family north of Seattle, and one of his team from the Portland area, Fritz Mishler, is meeting with the first manufacturer who is likely to start manufacturing commercial heating units that require NO fuel but water! Dr. Mills has authorized Aquarian Research Foundation to do this and promised to hire additional engineers to help us create the prototype and get the manufacturing going.

Want to know more ? Then get thee to the World Wide Web! Go to the Aquarian website at and there you will also find a link to Dr. Randell Mills' Blacklight Power site as well as a Radio For Peace International link which will take you directly to thirty-five minutes of a live audio broadcast where you can actually hear Dr. Mills being interviewed by Art Rosenblum, director of the Aquarian Research Foundation.