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Dreaming Up Abundance
by Paul Levy

"Take no thought, saying what shall we eat? Or what shall we drink? Or wherewhithal shall we be clothed?.But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and everything shall be added unto you." -- Christ

I think it is important to point out that Christ did not say "once you will find the kingdom you will get everything." Rather, he made the point that all you have to do is "seek ye first the kingdom of God," to have God be your first priority, and you will get everything. Understanding the meaning of this statement is the key to dreaming up abundance in our life, which is our natural birthright.

If the Israelites, after getting the manna from heaven, kept it for the next day, it went rotten. "Seeking first the kingdom of God," radically implies fully being embodied in and trusting in the present moment. The present moment is seen to be the very expression, or manifestation of the Divine itself. All of the mystics, both east and west, are in agreement when they say that the doorway to the kingdom of God is the present moment.

To the extent that we are mistakenly identified with a skin-encapsulated, separative ego, we are living in a world of you vs. me, whose basis is fear. In this state we are actively resisting and contracting against the present moment, which is to be turning away from our true nature, or what I would like to call the Goddessence. The moment by moment expression of this state is efforting, straining and striving, as we continually strategize and try to manipulate the universe so as to fill our imagined sense of lack. We don't realize that the universe we live in does not exist objectively "out there," separate from us, but is dreamlike in the sense that it reflects back to us our own inner state of scarcity. Our very activity of trying to fill our imagined sense of lack actually perpetuates the very lack it seeks to avoid.

Paradoxically, "seeking first the kingdom," involves a radical recognition that we have already found the kingdom in the fullness of the present moment. This radical recognition is the same process as when we wake up and become lucid in a dream, realizing that the dreamscape is not separate from us, but is actually a display of our own energy. .

When we wake up in a dream, we snap out of the hypnotic enchantment of imagining ourselves to be a limited, and fixed identity. We have a radical shift and expansion of identity, discovering our identity with the Goddessence itself, which is none other than the dreamer of the dream. This is the point where we actually "get in phase with ourself," tapping into the zero point energy of creation. This is the eternal moment where we realize, like quantum physics has discovered, that not only does the universe not exist objectively "out there," but that the very act of observing the universe actually helps to evoke, or create it. To quote physicist John Wheeler, "Useful as it is under everyday circumstances to say that the world exists "out there," independent of us, that view can no longer be upheld. There is a strange sense in which this is a "participatory universe."

This realization involves a great responsibility, as our new found identity is totally incongruent with being a victim on any level. We begin to realize that "reality" is a plastic and malleable medium. We begin to own our true God-given role as master, multi-dimensional creative artists whose canvas is life itself.

This is the place where we start to co-operate and co-create with the universe, which is now recognized to be none other than our own true nature, the Goddessence itself. This is the eternal moment where "not my will be done, but Thy will be done," as everything is recognized to be a blessing. We have

gotten out of our own way and become conduits for the incarnating holy spirit, which is our true inner voice and genius. We live in a state of continual appreciation and gratitude, which only deepens the universe's outpouring of it's abundance, as we realize that we are not beggars, but children and inheritors of the infinite abundance of the incarnating Goddessence. We realize that once we honor the inner voice of the Goddessence, the seemingly outer universe magically shape-shifts and responds to this calling, as the Goddessence is not two, or as Tibetan Buddhists say, everything is "one taste." We realize that who we are, the Goddessence itself, is an infinitely multi-channelled energy that knows no difference between inner and outer and can express itself synchronistically, transcending all boundries whatsoever. Everything is recognized to be the Divine, and we have woken up in the dream and entered the kingdom of God, which has always, already been the case.

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