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Ten Top Tips to Developing your Own Psychic and Healing Abilities
by Petrene Soames
Petrene Soames
Developing your own psychic abilities, healing skills and awareness, is a lot simpler than you may have realized. Yet, there has been mystery surrounding ESP and the healer within for so many years. Unfortunately many psychics and mystics throughout time have allowed the layperson to believe that ESP is a gift and belongs to only a few. This is not true; the "paranormal" is in fact very normal and is an everyday part of us all.

Hollywood and fiction writers have become more focused on the paranormal during recent years. It makes great story lines for blockbuster movies. However sensationalism does not often help the public to realize how psychic all of us really are. The "supernatural" in many cases is still seen as weird and wonderful rather than common and normal. One important thing to understand and accept is that you are not an ordinary being, no matter how ordinary you feel. In fact you are quite amazing. When you are ready to give that reality a chance, anything becomes possible.

You can create consciously your own future. You don't need to rely on the predictions of others. You can be a much better judge of people than you ever imagined. You can bring real insight into your life and others. You can know how to act in ways that will bring you the positive outcomes that you long for. When is the best time to sell your house, relocate, change your career, and have children? Is your present relationship really right for you? How can you make it better? Why do you attract to you, seemingly, negative people and situations? You can answer all of these questions, and more. Imagine what it feels like to be really planning and participating in your life, to live life to the full. Even if until now you have had a very difficult life, come from a dysfunctional family, have been plagued by health problems or what has seemed like bad luck, you too can change your life and be happy.

Developing your psychic abilities and awareness only takes a commitment to yourself, a commitment to make time for you and to embark on a journey of wonder and discovery. The keys to opening up psychic and healing abilities are simple. They include understanding time, focusing your attention, relaxing, clearing and letting go, and opening up to all that you are and all that is.

Ten Top Tips to Developing your Own Psychic and Healing Abilities

  1. Take off your watch for at least two weeks. By doing this, you will start to gain a real sense of your own time. This is important to begin to connect with yourself, and to understand world time, universal time and how reality is shaped and created.
  2. Make meditation a part of your life, even if it's just 10-20 minutes every other day. No need to follow complicated techniques. Just sit down and relax; be still; let your thoughts come and go; breathe deeply from the bottom of your stomach and develop awareness by being connected with yourself, the moment and all that is.
  3. Pay attention to where you are and who you are being on a daily basis. Each day, ask yourself: Where I am right now? Who am I being? Which role am I playing? By doing this you can have more awareness of any past experience or parts of you that need healing.
  4. Start thinking in color. When you meet someone new, ask yourself: What color are they being? Just accept the answer that comes to your mind. In time, you will develop the ability to see colors of the aura of people and objects.
  5. Listen to yourself and your body. When you feel ill or out of balance, ask yourself why. Accept your answers. Always fulfill your needs, as unfulfilled needs create chaos.
  6. Use Tarot cards, palmistry, astrology, crystals, runes and other means of divination at least once. These are mediums to help develop your clairvoyance (clear seeing). Don't get stuck on specific meanings; only use them as a guide. This way, you can develop your own more precise insight and gain the confidence to believe in your own thoughts and feelings.
  7. Letting go is an important part of development. Even saying firmly in your mind twice a day: "I am letting go of everything I no longer need" will make a difference. Make time for yourself regularly. Any form a self-expression is useful, i.e. write, run, swim, play... Let yourself go in the ways that feel good to you. Remember, when you let go, you can become awake, aware and conscious.
  8. Try a psychic development course. Remember to go at your own speed. The basics are simple. Repetition is important. Remember too that psychic abilities, healing, and awareness are already yours. You can choose to develop these abilities and use them more often.
  9. Never compare yourself with anyone else. Realize that you too are unique and amazing. Read books, listen to tapes on the subject of development, but realize that those are guides and are for you to use as an outline to find your own ways. Be creative and listen to what you feel.
  10. Know that anything is possible, and that nothing is ever only as it seems. Look after your body with a balanced diet and regular exercise. Each day, whenever possible, do something for your body, mind, and emotional self.

Petrene Soames, World Top Psychic, has been working with ESP and the Paranormal for over twenty years. Author of The Essence of Self-Healing (available online at, Petrene recognizes and values the uniqueness and individuality of each person that she encounters. "I am amazing and you are amazing too," says Petrene. "Believe in yourself and let the magic be!" Visit her web site at and enjoy her free interactive fun rooms.