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[Ed. Note: A “petition” has been circulating around the Internet about the plight of the women in Afghanistan. If you too have been moved to sign it and forward it on, the following letter, written by Randy Mitchell after receiving several copies of the email, should give you pause.]

You wish me to decry the darkness.
I would rather offer you my Truth.

It is not real. Only the Light is real. All upon this place are experiencing exactly what they came to experience. However incomprehensible that may seem to you, trust in the possibility that there is a Higher Power in place, and that the drama of good vs. evil has a foreordained conclusion.

I applaud and encourage your outrage, and your desire to address and rectify evil in the world. I would ask that you look within yourself for a moment, for clarity: Do you honestly believe that those in the delusional grip of a homicidal righteous fervor care what the western world—who represents "Satan" in their insane paradigm--thinks of their zealotry? Of course, they do not. They are in the throes of a progressive mental disorder, and efforts such as these are likely to strengthen their twisted resolve into even more violence. It is themselves they are struggling against, and their own dysfunctional sexual impulses, manifesting (they believe) through their women. I assure you that the men are also suffering, in abject terror and bewilderment, at the energies coursing through them. The dark forces are using them for their own purposes, of course.

I entreat all those who are affected by this petition to please make the effort to understand more than is offered in a few provocative paragraphs. It is easy enough to pity the victims. Can you find it within you to feel compassion for their tormentors? Without such, healing cannot possibly penetrate from outside the conflict. It is separation that has created the conditions for it in the first place.

Throughout numerous lifetimes, we embody the flesh and delve headlong into the full spectrum of the human experience, that we may, upon graduation, know it fully for all its horror, and magnificence. Do we live in dark times? Undoubtedly. Did we choose to be here, and have we all equally participated in creating our world? Of course we have. We can also recreate it. But not, as Einstein observed, from the state of mind it was created.

A pervasive and insidious virus has permeated Mankind's programming and afflicts every culture on Earth, to varying degrees and in different ways. It is the contagion known as fear. Does this change or mitigate the fact that we are All One, and negate the Light that, without exception, each one of us is? Not in my reality. I have effectively installed one central Truth that enables me to understand and accept the epidemic madness and suffering taking place on Classroom Earth: We each create our own experience.

Choosing to live fearlessly means not being pulled into the collective hallucination taking place all around us--however seemingly justified and "righteous" the cause--and maintaining at all times personal equilibrium and emotional balance. If we are sincere about elevating the collective consciousness above the lower vibratory patterns that hold us to self-destructive behavior, then we have a responsibility to hold to this in the face of all the reasons to perpetuate separation. Good guys and bad guys. Them and us. If signing a petition makes you feel as though you are doing something concrete to change the fearful state of humankind, I bless your efforts. But realize the current situation in Afghanistan is a symptom only. This horrendous state of affairs is just the current offering of this season's programming. Is the Taliban consummately evil, and are the women who presently find themselves at its mercy quintessential helpless victim/martyrs? I do not choose to believe so.

Without exception, we each create our own reality. And there are no victims. This truth comes from the Highest Authority, and is not sometimes true, and sometimes not. We are all little splinters of God--even Adolph Hitler and Charles Manson--sprung off to experience Creation from inside it. It is no small or inconsequential undertaking. It is an extended project that entails studying the darkness as well as the Light. As pieces of Infinity, micro gods and goddesses, our experience cannot be considered complete unless they encompass fully both sides of the Cosmic Coin. Up and down. Sickness and health. Ecstasy and suffering. Pain and delight. Joy and sorrow. The Soul learns equally from both perspectives, and (as I have been given to understand) does not have a preference. It is content to enjoy the drama as we script it.

We have written this script, and, as has been noted many times, there is only one of us here.

A higher-than-usual ratio of perverse and twisted stories is being played out now, as the window of opportunity on Earth closes for this great Separation Play. I do not presume to think that it is not a necessary part of the lesson chosen by these players, however horrific and mind-boggling it appears from our protected vantage point. Consider that you and I are not in the best position to evaluate or comprehend it. Our emotional response to suffering makes objectivity well nigh impossible. That which makes us fearful, we call Evil. That is our standard. It is well to feel compassion and open our hearts, even to express our outrage. Take what steps you think will assist those engaged in this particular struggle. My life has taught me that love is allowing, and staying in non-judgment. I decline to take part in the condemnation that furthers the Great Split, which is the core cause of all the tragedies and anguish that ever took place here. I see a larger picture. I offer it to you.

This travesty is but one of countless Dark Scenarios in production here at this time, and it will play out as Spirit wills it. All we need do is foster peace and healing within ourselves, to correct the imbalances and injustices within the Larger Human Body. The world only changes from within us, one person at a time. I ask you to consider not feeding the illusion by allowing it to throw your emotional body out of balance and send you spiraling into the abyss of fear and rage, for in doing so you play into the hands of the Dark Forces who gain their nourishment from such.

In the Love/Light of Infinite Creator


"Randy Mitchell"