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NW Herbal Symposium

For those of you who wish to learn to identify the precious herbal treasures the earth offers us, please come join eighteen world-renowned teachers and new herbal friends at the seventh annual Pacific NW Herbal Symposium this May 26-28, 2001. Explore the various herbal traditions from around the world in classes for all levels of experience. You will find continuous herb walks offered throughout the symposium for both the budding herbalist, as well as the advanced clinical practitioner.

The exciting array of classes includes:

Learning how to prevent osteoporosis - empower yourself during menopause and study the Wise Woman tradition with Susun Weed, the voice of the Wise Woman tradition for over three decades.

Learn how to treat lymes disease, hepatitis C and cancer with David Winston, a practitioner and educator for 30 years of Cherokee herbal medicine.

Dr. Jill Stansbury, a naturopathic physician and heads the botanical medicine department at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, will present the latest research on popular herbs as well as how to dose herbs.

Paul Bergner, the director of Clinical Herbalism at Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies in Boulder will discuss the significance of pairing herbs together to get a synergistic effects from them.

Dr. Russell Marz the author of the medical book ”Nutrition From Marz”, will discuss evaluation of blood sugar levels and discuss sugar substitutes on the market for diabetics.

Candis Cantin Packard will explain why some herbs work for some people and not others. She will break Ayervedic herbal medicine down into easy to understand lessons that a “westerner” can grasp.

Dr. Kenneth Proefrock a naturopathic physician from Phoenix will dazzle us with his discussion on treatment for breast and prostate cancer as well as his lecture on the use of herbs for stress-induced health problems.

If you are interested in using more herbs in the kitchen, come listen to Ingrid Gorden, a master food preserver who has a special interest in herbal/medicinal jellies. She will teach you how to make herbal jams and jellies. Cascade Anderson Geller will teach you how to use your spice rack as a medicine cabinet.

The delightful and witty Dr. Ryan Drum will discuss how strong spices can disrupt the use of other herbal medicines without our awareness. He will also lecture on the use of seaweeds to support and nourish your thyroid. Dr.Molly Linton’s lecture will integrate the emotional/spiritual components of the chakras with the physiology of the endocrine system. She and Dr. David Greenspan, will discuss the use of herbal medicines in childhood illnesses.

For those of you planning to vacation in an area where the water is questionable, don’t miss Colette Gardinerss class on herbal remedies for foreign travel, as well as a fun and insightful class on the use of herbs for dreaming. Dr. Robin Dipasquale, will be discussing the energetic perspective of bitter tonics used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine as well as a comparison of hemostatic herbs that are used to stop bleeding.

For those of you with a serious interest in Chinese medicine, don’t miss Thomas Avery Garran’s three lectures. He holds a Master’s Degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine and all his lectures are on Chinese herbs.

More details on the 47 classes offered at the Pacific NW Herbal Symposium in Wilsonville, Oregon can be obtained by calling 1-800-476-6518 or write to WWH, PO Box 279, Creswell, Oregon 97426 for a free brochure.