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Grounding through the Earth Soul
by Norma Gentile
Norma Gentile
There are a number of ways to consider what is commonly referred to as ‘grounding’. One method would be to acknowledge that every cell of the physical body is a mixture of both heaven and earth, spirit and matter. In this way, you ground through each and every cell of your body.

Remember the phrase “as above, so below?” Every possible energy of heaven is mirrored in the earth. The soul draws both the heavenly and earthly energies to itself, simultaneously. Any energy that is a part of your soul, is also and already a part of the planet earth. Any guides or angels also have equivalent energies that are a part of the earth. In this way you have “grounding” through both your earth soul and your earth angels.

Grounding is the prayerful state of communing with your earth soul. Oftentimes grounding has been taught as dropping a plum line down from the first (or belly) chakra, into the earth. But if your soul is both of heaven and earth, you are already connected. You need not “send” any energy anywhere. Relaxing, allowing the connection that is natural, opens your body to feel the support of your earthly soul.

One image that I’ve found helpful is that of sitting on a large ball. Psychically it looks to me like a large ball of energy supporting the tailbone. Grounding occurs within the space inside of the entire ball, and wherever the physical body is moving. Grounding energies are usually felt in the lower chakras, but in this model can be noticed outside of and around the physical body as well. In this image, grounding occurs through the space of the ball itself and all of the physical body and aura that is responding to the movement of the ball. It is a sensation of releasing into the energies that are already present.

Another way of invoking this same consciousness of connection with the earth soul, or grounding, is to overlap chakra energies of your hand and feet. No special pretzel yoga training is needed for this! Simply sit in a chair with your feet flat on the ground. Place your hands, palm side down, on your knees. Imagine your breath coming up through your feet, traveling through your legs and up into your pelvis. As you exhale see your breath travel back down, gently, into the space underneath where you are sitting.

With each breath allow your exhalation to move a little deeper, and let yourself draw your breath from a little farther underneath your feet. Allow the breath to loop underneath you, exhaling into the same point from which you are drawing breath. Let it always be easy and gentle, never pushing. Let the quality of your breath be one of surrender to the sacred earth and your own earth soul.

This is a simple technique that you can use in meetings, at your work desk, or even while talking with someone. You need not set aside time each day for this activity. Simply incorporate it into your work or drive time routine a few times each day and see if your perceptions about grounding and about yourself change.

As the body grounds it simply acknowledges the part of itself that exists within the earth. It simply remembers itself more. As a result you may notice that your feet become warm or tingle a bit. You may notice that your breathing becomes slower and a bit easier or deeper. Your perception of your body and the space around you may become more acute, or you may notice that your mind clears and the chatter subsides.

As you ground and let your earth soul receive attention and prayerful nourishment, you may even notice that chronic issues begin to resolve.

Working on the heavenly aspect of personal issues is something most people have done diligently for many years. What is left is often the part of the pattern held by the earthly aspect of the soul. Using breathing and visualization can help you understand the lessons your body is teaching you.

As you allow yourself to experience your earth soul, you allow the result of joining heaven and earth, which is manifestation, to be possible.

Norma Gentile is a clairvoyant sound healer. She provides healing space for others, writes, teaches, sings, and encourages others to do likewise. Her recordings of sacred songs include "Meditation Chants of Hildegard von Bingen". For more information on Norma or on Hildegard, write to PO Box 971020, Ypsilanti, MI 48198, or see or call 734-330-3997.