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Powerful Summer Eclipses Ahead
Finding the balance between self-nurturing and worldly responsibility
by Mark F. Dodich
Mark Dodich
Do you feel like the world has been increasing your load of responsibilities, or in some way adding to the pressure cooker of life these past few months (years!)? If your answer is yes, then the eclipses of June and July will help you to balance your inner and outer worlds.

Eclipses help you to stop and look within. Just like the light of the Sun or Moon is shadowed during an eclipse, so too is the busyness of your outer life. Many people experience an interruption in their daily activities near an eclipse. It may simply be time to take a vacation. Or, a life-changing event may manifest to change your schedule.

Although the following are extreme examples of eclipses, they do illustrate the importance of paying attention to your attitude and behavior around an eclipse. Princess Diana was killed at a solar eclipse that aligned with her natal placement of the planet Pluto, ruler of major transformation and things that are hidden in the underworld (like a tunnel). John F. Kennedy Jr. died in an airplane crash near an eclipse that landed on his natal chart placement of impatient and forceful Mars. As you can see, an eclipse landing in an important part of your birth chart can have significant impact upon your life.

The upcoming eclipses are particularly powerful because the June 21st Solar Eclipse (new moon) at 4:58 AM PDT occurs only four hours after Summer Solstice. This means that the effects of this event will be with you until the Autumnal Equinox. Summer Solstice ceremonies will be especially auspicious this year.

Because the solar eclipse is in the zodiac sign of Cancer, emotions may oscillate through highs and lows in the months ahead. Cancer represents family, nurturing, women, emotions, healing, and your ability to tune in to the feelings of the public. In the body, Cancer rules breasts, the stomach, ulcers, the womb, and the disease cancer. Pay extra attention to these areas of your life for the next several months.

On the psychological level, a solar eclipse asks you to look at those projects and life goals that your Divine Nature wants to manifest in this world. In the sign Cancer, you must go beyond the busyness of your daily life to nurture yourself at the core of your spirit. Now is time to bring those heart-warming special projects off the back burner. Give yourself permission to nourish yourself this summer.

Of course, nourishment means that which makes you feel good at the core of your soul, not the marathon session with ten pints of "Ben & Jerry's." Make a list of things you would like to give yourself, regardless of the obstacles. Invest some time in experiencing how those things would make you feel. If you want a summer sailing vacation, feel the ocean spray on your face, feel the exhilaration of Dahl porpoises shooting out of the water beside your boat, and hear the loud pop as the wind fills your sails. If you can make it real in your mind's eye, you exponentially increase the chances of it manifesting.

If the watery, emotional waves of the Cancer solar eclipse have you feeling a little seasick, know that you will be stabilized and grounded on earth with the Capricorn Lunar Eclipse on July 5th. Capricorn represents structure, discipline, patience, responsibility, long-term planning, and working within limitations. Physically, you will want to pay attention to your bones, skin, teeth, rheumatism, and arthritis.

This full moon lunar eclipse is particularly significant because it falls just after the USA and George W. Bush's birthday. A few of the issues that could pop up include sudden and unexpected information on unusual partnership agreements, warrior-like saber rattling, hidden secrets coming to light, and information about George W's father, the former president.

On the personal level, July's lunar eclipse asks you to balance your worldly responsibility with the need to nurture yourself. It is certainly true that you may be called upon to go to a new level of responsibility, including family, community, or spiritual.

However, the universe is also asking you to take responsibility for your personal needs. In esoteric, or spiritual, astrology, Capricorn initiates you into higher levels of understanding. Like a shamanic death, you leave behind your old nature and build anew. During the next several months, it is important to take time to recharge your emotional and physical batteries.

You must find the proper balance between work and play. Where are you doing things for everyone else and putting your own needs and desires on the back burner of life? It may be time to let go of some of those projects that say, "if I don't do them, they will not get done." In short, the summer eclipses are calling you into harmony between the needs of the world and the needs of your inner self.

If you allow yourself to flow in harmony with these eclipses - to allow yourself to find your balance between inner and outer needs and responsibilities- you will certainly be ready for the challenging Saturn-Pluto opposition that begins on August 5th. But, you'll have to check back at the next issue to learn about that!

Mark Dodich has been an Astrologer and Intuitive Counselor since 1980. He is past president of the Oregon Astrological Association and provides consultations and workshops internationally. Call for his free newsletter 503.252.1558 or visit his website at