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Lee Carroll, Channel for Kryon
Interviewed by Miriam Knight
M:  Lee, you started out as a sober businessman and a pretty reluctant channel. What has been the impact on your life? Do you ever want to just close the door and turn it all off?
L:  Sure, you get tired of getting on planes, but when you know, and other speakers I’ve sat with say the same, there is so much excitement and energy about seeing people’s lives change that you just can’t say that its work. When we’re asked, ‘How would you like to just close the book and retire?’ just about all of us would say that that would not be appropriate, think of the people that would not get the messages.

M:  What does it feel like, physically, to have this energy come through you?
L:  I had this energy come through for the first time when I was 16. I was in a church and saw a healing. It was someone I knew and we all got a surge of something that I call ‘the thickness of love’. I’ll never forget it, and that’s exactly the feeling when I first started channeling Kryon. It’s all related to the cellular core experience of divinity. When I sit channeling Kryon I feel a surge of love so overwhelming and makes me weep. And it’s the same feeling I had when I saw that miracle as a boy.

M:  In your earlier books, Kryon opens by saying, ‘ I am Kryon of magnetic service’, and now you refer to Kryon as an angel. How would you describe Kryon?
L:  Kryon is not a he, she or it, though I call him he, because here on earth we need to genderize everything. Kryon is actually a group. The idea of a group may not work for some people, but now Kryon is telling us that even we - individuals standing eyeball - are a group; that we are multiple entities when it comes to our spiritual essence. He is starting to broach some of the inter-dimensional aspects of reality, telling us that part of us is not here, its on the other side of the veil, and that’s how co-creation works. It’s wild!

M:  Has the energy of Kryon changed over the last years?
L:  The messages have. When the teaching first started it was pretty elementary, but now it is broaching some very difficult concepts. To me the feelings and messages have the same energy, but the energy on the planet and our receptiveness to this kind of thing have swung so far towards awakening that, to many people who have sat with us over the last 11 years, it appears to have changed, but I see the changes in us. To me, Kryon has always been the same: stable, steady What has really changed has been the energy of humanity.

And of course this is what Kryon has said since the beginning – we are moving into an interdimensional time, that a lot of prophecies spoke of, as well as what Gregg Braden has said in the Isaiah effect: “You can change this… You can change this…” And that’s exactly what the message is of Kryon, and that’s why Gregg and I can sit side by side on a platform - even though he’s a scientist and I’m the wu-wu guy – we’re talking about the same thing.

M:  I’ve noticed that more and more of the books coming across my desk are offering the same message, although from different perspectives - that we can change our reality.
L:  Wouldn’t you expect that? It does not make sense for one gal or guy to stand up and say that this is a message no one else has and that God has spoken only to me. You’re going to find that more and more people will be giving the same message in different terminology, but when you boil them down, the core issue is that we do change our reality, that all the sacredness that we have reached out for all these years is in ourselves. It redefines self-help. What’s so exciting is that a lot of these people coming forward now are doctors and PhDs, and it’s not just the wind-chime crowd.

M:  Have you had any recent validations of Kryon’s predictions?
L:  Yes, we’ve had a lot of startling ones. And I always want to tell people that these are not predictions, these are potentials. Kryon has always said that no one, psychic or seer, can tell you your future; they can only offer potentials.
Kryon, for example, described the situation in the Middle East, sorrowful as that looks, as something that has to happen to draw to zero – to start over. Kryon calls Israel the Center of the Universe and the place where it will start to be healed. What you are waiting for in the Middle East is for the indigos to grow up to take them into a new energy. A new consciousness will have to prevail, and we may have some real sparks of wisdom showing there from an area that you didn’t expect - the Palestinian side.

M:  Does Kryon have anything to say about the Illuminati and those that are supposed to be manipulating our world from behind the scenes?
L:  A lot. First of all, we have changed our reality. That means that none of the old energies, predictions or paradigms has to play out as they were laid out. Was there a sinister secret government? Yes, but we have changed the energy of the planet to such a degree that all of the dark side is retreating. Since the millennium shift all has been released, and the conspiratorial, controlling energy of the Illuminati is truly on its way out. If you want proof, take a look at the Internet or the stock market. When everyone can talk to everyone through the Internet, there can be no secrets. And does the stock market look like anyone is controlling it?

With the millennium shift we are starting to push this energy away in many areas. This is hard to convince people who are in the middle of things, like in Israel, but an overall picture shows it very clearly.

M:  Lee, do you have any new books coming out?
L:  Yes, “An Indigo Celebration” will be coming out shortly. It is a second book written with Jan Tober that follows up on “The Indigo Children.” It is less academic and more about stories on parenting an Indigo child. If that child is to be calm in your family, the key is integrating our own light and dark side, masculine and feminine, inner child, left & right brain.

M:  Finally, is there any last message that you would like to leave us with?
L:  Yes, the message goes beyond the channeling and gets to the heart of everyday life. I believe that by embracing the core divinity in ourselves we can have a remarkable life. We can change the things we want to change, and we can have peace over the things we can’t change. It is really very personal and it is not by following Kryon or joining anything or going to a seminar. I think there is a new gift on the planet of remarkable energy and I really invite people to take a look at it.

Lee Carroll will be giving a live channel of Kryon in Portland on Sunday, June 10th.