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May the Angels Be with You

Gary Quinn is a Los-Angeles based psychic and spiritual consultant who has been making a name for himself on the new age circuit around the country. With his charm and dark good looks, Gary could probably claim a place among the Hollywood celebrities he serves, but instead, he is on a mission to spread the word about the Angels that are with all of us. In his book, May the Angels Be with You, published this month by Harmony Books (Random House), Gary helps you find your Spirit Guides and true purpose through the medium [sorry, couldn’t resist] of a group of seven Angels.

These particular Angels are the Angels of Vision, Wisdom, Purity, Strength, Love, Peace and Victory. The order of inviting them in is important, and the particular gifts of insight each bestows build incrementally on the insights and gifts of the previous one. Using a combination of visualization, meditation and affirmations, Gary doesn’t require you to believe in angels, but just for the moment to act “as if” they exist. He reports on case after case of magical results from engaging these angels as completely as you can.

“With a powerful intention rooted in an authentic vision, a readiness to act energetically on that intention, and a heart open to every eventuality, you can create precisely the happy and particular life you want—a life that makes joyful use of all you are.”

By challenging the usual glib definitions of words, Gary has us look at them in fresh and empowering ways. “Strength is the spiritual stamina to continue on the road the purity has clarified for you—not some white-knuckled exertion of power over circumstances;” love “is something we can bring to everything and everyone in our lives;” peace “is a continual letting go, not a giving up.” He shows how these angels’ help is always there for the asking to get us through our barriers and open our eyes to the opportunities waiting for us.

Considering its ethereal subject matter, this is a really useful, down-to-earth guide not only for us processing our own ‘stuff’, but it can also add a new dimension to the work of counselors and therapists.

Gary Quinn will be speaking in Portland on June 3rd from the Namaste Retreat Center at L.E.C. in Wilsonville. Admission is $39, and books will be available. Call 1-800-569 1002 for information.