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Follow the Dreaming
by Paul Levy

Paul Levy
Whenever I'm in a situation in my life that is problematic, the only thing I can take refuge in is to "follow the dreaming." By this I mean seeing my life experience as a dream and letting it teach me how to interpret it.

More and more of the people in my groups are waking up to how we are all, moment by moment, dreaming up our universe. Waking up to this process transforms our situation from being potentially separative and problematic to one that is an opportunity for awakening, chock full of blessings and teachings. This is particularly true of moments when shadow energies get constellated in the field, as these moments are embraced and realized to be the very friction we need to create more light. By following the dreaming together, consciousness, which is the mystical light which waters our soul, literally gets created in the dreamfield. More consciousness being created means that the mass dream we share becomes lighter and more light filled. We have found the galactic portal through hyperspace into a more rarified and grace-filled dimension of life. We discover how we can be with each other in a way that lightens both our individual and collective loads. This is genuine spiritual community.

More and more of us are realizing that we can learn the art of dreaming together, that we can have realizations by putting our dreaming together that we couldn't have by our own seemingly isolated selves. We discover that there is a way of hanging out, of commune-icating, of dialoguing, of being together that activates and supports our mutual awakening process. Intrinsic to the art of dreaming is to be able, in a mutually empowering way, to attract and "dream up" seemingly other awakened dreamers so as to mutually support each otherís dreaming. When people create a new consensus by being together in the present moment with the awareness that we are not only not separate from each other, but are moment by moment mutually dreaming each other up, a dreamfield literally gets conjured up that is particularly lubricated for healing and awakening.

It is like a group of seemingly separate beings waking up together to the true nature of our situation, which is that we are not separate but contained in a deeper, higher dimensional being. It is like having an instantaneous, collective phase shift and being reborn into a more graceful, harmonious and coherent identity pattern where we can resonate as one. We recognize and remember how to hook up and get in phase with each other on the higher vibrational frequency called love, which knows no separation. In a truly evolutionary act, we collectively experience a quantum shift outside of time, discovering together that we can mutually co-operate and co-llaborate in a way where we can dream a dream in synch with the truth of our nature as love. We begin to touch and embody our God-given gifts of reality co-creation and universe formation. Stepping out of the realm of abstract ideas, we begin to have the astonishing realization that we can make our mutual dream based on the truth of love incarnate and materialize as our life itself.

Paul Levy is an artist whose medium is dreaming. He runs classes on the art of dreaming every week in Portland. He is also in private practice, helping people to unfold their dreaming process. He is the coordinator of the Portland PadmaSambhava Buddhist Center, and can be reached at (503) 234-6480.