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Star Children
by Jule'
Condensed from the forthcoming book,     Are You An Alien Soul?

                The stars!  Look about you in the night.   Rare indeed is the person who is not moved when stopped on a country road on a clear night.  Who has not been hushed by the splendor of the sparkling diamonds that stud the indigo cloak of God?  Perhaps the astrologer sees shining dewdrops on the web of destiny -- but still the noctilucent vastness dazzles and intrigues.  What do we really mean when we speak of "Star-Children"?  Are we saying that the nighttime glory, which is a source of beauty and inspiration for us all, is something more for some of us than for others?

                To begin, we will say that Star-Children are specific incarnations among the category of Alien Souls.  Briefly, we will define Alien Souls, as the portion of Earth's population, that are here in Service.   

Let's say, that the purpose of life can be assumed to be the Growth, Evolution and Expansion of the Soul.   (This postulation is the basis of my earlier book What's All This About, Anyway?).                  

                Adopting this premise, we can use a school analogy and say that we are "attending the Universe", perhaps, working on an "MA of Self".   For our purposes, we will designate the Earth School as a Junior High, maybe at 6.0 on a scale of 10.  Continuing, we can say that our course of study is karmic lessons in the development range of, 4.5 to 6.0, and that this level of Growth dictates that the Soul produce an "Expression", i.e., a body/personality, to acquire the knowledge.  Whew!  Are you with me?  Good!       

                Now, if a given Soul has already experienced these lessons (on this planet or elsewhere) and consequently exists on a level of perhaps, 6.5 or more, that Soul may elect to produce an Expression on Earth, that is then a "service incarnation".  That is to say, that this Soul then possesses a level of development that is different from most of the population on the Earth, ipso facto an Alien Soul. 

                Because these Alien Souls are more developed, i.e., more refined, the Expressions do feel that they are different.  This combination of feeling different and extreme sensitivity are the common denominators of Alien Souls.   Much of the information in this article on Star Children applies, generally, to Alien Souls.   Some other categories of Alien Souls include, Walk-Ins, Projections, and Resident Aliens who are the most plentiful, (those who have had upwards of 30 lives in service on the Earth.)   Now on to our topic!

A working definition of Star Children would be:: Those souls presently in physical incarnations upon the earth, who have served for extended periods of time aboard ships in Space.  A major difference between Star-Children and Resident Aliens is that they will be likely to experience their distinctions and sensitivities, (and resulting alienation), to a greater degree.  As small children they may become fixated upon the skies and convinced that their "true parents" are really aboard a ship and that that ship will come for them.  Many conclude that they were adopted.   For these children life can be unbearably lonely and in their sleep states they are comforted by those Souls to whom they are "related".  The unusual characteristics of the bodies of many Star-Children definitely deserve mention.   In my own healing practice I have worked with Star-Children that have had the following abnormalities within their structures:  A double uterus, single ovaries, shrunken miniature kidneys, and hermaphroditic sex organs.  Other physical aberrations common to many Alien Souls include low body temperature, abundant allergies, low blood pressure, and low or high thyroid output.  These are only some of the physical differences these people may manifest.   More significantly, virtually all have at least two accelerated sensory capabilities: super sight (beyond 20/20), accelerated hearing, extraordinary olfactory skills (much sought after by perfumeries) and acute tactile sensitivities.

                The Expressions that these Souls have created in some former lives may have been in bodies that had less density than those they must manifest for life on the Earth.  Their Souls are compatible with a form that requires neither sleep or food nor excretion -- as we know these processes on earth.  All forms within creation do take in energy and therefore can be said to "eat".   Indeed, those inspired souls who attempt breatharianism are most often Star-Children.   Eating disorders of all kinds are common among them.   That is not to say that all bulimics or anorexics are Star-Children -- but there is often much confusion and imbalanced behavior concerning food.   As young children they may find the sight of adults eating upsetting.   How these reactions are handled and their parents own attitudes will determine how well the child copes and adjusts.   True 'star-bodies' could be expanded or slimmed with a thought.   Body hair, sweating, bowel movements, gas and other bodily properties had no counterparts in the star-body.   The fragile consciousness may find these alternately frightening, confusing, amusing or disgusting. 

                As adults, Star-Children tend to look younger than their age, sometimes by ten years or more.   Although other guides and masters will work with them, most of their guidance comes from Souls serving in space, as they have, for eons past.   Yet, the Star-Child will, most probably, have been on the Earth for some previous incarnations.

                It is sad to say that the adversity in adjusting to being on the Earth, so dense and so dominated by lower emotions, often results in self-destructive behaviors in Star Children.  Identification and awareness of oneself as a Child of the Stars can be a valuable step in a healing process, as well as pondering the parable of the Ugly Duckling.


                “The variety and richness of manifestations which exists within creation staggers the human mind.   A Being MUST relate to that which he needs to fulfill the growth and service of his present incarnation.   He MAY relate to whatever his mind through probing and imagination can grasp.   As a conscious personality expands his awareness to include the reality beyond the egoic perception that 'Man alone is sole bearer of conscious life in the Universe' he becomes able to receive guidance, from such Beings.   As you stretch your Energies out into your evening skies you may call upon us and We shall be with you.”


Julé is a writer, teacher, spiritual counselor, healer and the author of What's All This About, Anyway? A Metaphysical Companion.  She has appeared on radio and television and is a frequent presenter at the Whole Life Expos.   For further information, or to schedule a private session with Julé, contact Lorelynn Cardo, At Arise Counseling: 503-617-0972.