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Enter the Pyramid
by Stephanie South

It is pretty amazing to experience yourself as a living mandala in the self contained, mirrored pyramid structure at Full Spectrum Health Center. I stepped inside the 9 x 9 x 11 structure, lay back on pillows and watched myself multiply as the 24-sided polyhedron reflected me from all angles. Every line that gets mirrored intersects and makes a mandala, which seems to expand the senses and help in opening the creative mind.

Deborah Santomero, chiropractor and owner of Full Spectrum Health Center, said, "Looking at mandalas is very healing and centering since it represents the whole. Mandalas enhance creativity and reduce the stress level." Berkeley, Calif. artist and mathematician Sara Frucht created the pyramid, and it is the only one of its kind in the world. Frucht is the president of Kaleidoscapes, a geometric interior design company in Berkeley.

According to Santomero, the pyramid, which has three full spectrum lights, will be used as a light therapy room and will be particularly beneficial to people who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), or who seek color therapy for energetic or emotional healing. Colored gels representing each of the seven chakras can be slipped over the full spectrum lights to create specific effects, depending on which part of the spectrum is needed.

"Certain colors encourage certain moods," Santomero said. "Since we are made of energy, the energy of a particular chakra gets stronger when it is in a defined spectrum of light." For example, if someone isn't feeling grounded Santomero might suggest they bathe in red light, which represents the root chakra. If someone is having problems around the neck area, she might suggest they bathe in blue light, which represents the throat chakra. The structure can accommodate up to five people at a time, although from the inside it gives the appearance of 120 people!

Santomero was bubbling with excitement over the possibilities. "I see this as being like a communal hot tub, where people can come in to sit, read, draw or meditate inside the pyramid, while the benefits of the full spectrum lighting take effect." Psychedelic hot tub, anyone?

Full Spectrum Health Center is located at 3303 SE Division St. A $10 donation to visit the pyramid is recommended and all of the proceeds will benefit the SAD Foundation. There will be an open house from 12-4 p.m., May 6 in which people can experience the pyramid for free and meet designer Frucht.