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Message From an UNAM
Female Striker Jailed in the North Women’s Prison, Mexico
Because it comes to be that dignity is contagious. And women are the most vulnerable to get sick of this uncomfortable disease . When a woman advances, there’s no man who dares to walk back. To all those women who fight, who love, to the ones that cry, get angry, the ones who are born and are born again, to the ones who fly, the ones who get hurt, the ones who build the world, the ones who suffer, the mothers, the invisible and the brave ones, the ones who light the way, the ones who dream about FREEDOM, the ones who draw out utopias and the ones that make them possible.

To all of you we send greetings, a hug and a smile.

We, the ones who bloom inside the North Female Prison, want to congratulate you, not only in this International Women's Day, but everyday. And especially each day that we have been in this prison. We would like to recognize your work and your efforts for building a world with freedom, and with equality for men and women.

We were born and we grew up during more than ten months, we advanced, we built up new ways together with our comrades in the student movement. That is why we were evicted with violence and jailed without a real reason, just because we thought about education as a requirement for the improvement of the social conditions for our people, and specifically, because we dreamed about a university for everyone.

We have been here for 33 days. We have known what it means to be a woman and to be jailed. We have reached the limits of resistance and we have filled with colors our dignity.

Go on, friends, there's a lot of work to do. Remember the women, the annoying and rebel women. Your task is to tell everyone that the history without women is not well-done, it's an incomplete history. You have to take the pen and write down the pages. To fill the trenches, to walk forward and never walk back, to break up the silence, to take away the chains. To build the future and reach freedom.

Go on, women of the Earth!
Let's fight for freedom!
Together for Revolution!
Hasta la victoria siempre!
Tania Jimena Hernandez,
Facultad de Psicologia.
North Female Prison N.B.

There are two messages left, but I must go now. I will continue translating soon, OK? Hope you feel as moved as we did. I know Erick Brakken knows Tania Jimena Hernandez, and maybe Zulai, too. They are still in jail with other 40 girls and over a hundred boys. They are asking from 5,000 to 100,000 pesos (500 to 10,000 dollars) for letting them free on bail. Now we are trying to get the money. Please write on solidarity soon, we will take the messages to them on the visit day. We need also pressure over the mexican government and the UNAM administration to ask them to let them free and to return to the dialogue with the CGH

Thanks in advanced for all your help.