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What's Your Worth???
Since You're Priceless!!
by Marcia Stone
How many of us truly know our worth? OK, so our spiritual selves know that we are incredible beings with limitless potential, carrying the God energy within. We accept that our goal is to be unconditionally loving, with ourselves and others, and that we need to honor ourselves on our path to enlightenment with patience and understanding.

Intellectually, we acknowledge that we’re valuable beings worthy of everything we desire. Yet, when it comes down to the lessons and challenges of every day, do our belief systems honestly support this truth? Perhaps our emotional and physical bodies more accurately mirror how we regard ourselves.

We know that right now time is moving so fast that we’re creating almost immediately a manifestation of whatever blocks we hold within our minds and bodies. And if there’s a question about this fact, look around you at the challenges just about everyone is encountering, whether it be financial, health or relationship issues. Wherever there is a weak link, the universe is sending us through spiritual “boot camp” to ensure that we clean up and strengthen our core beliefs.

Sometimes we need help to heal. Most likely there are areas within us that we can’t get to by ourselves. With the right tools, many of us can delve right in there and work on the blocks, but we may need some direction first. Even if we need more help than we care to admit, it’s essential now that we release the ego’s pride and dive in. For most people it will be a combination of reading, contemplating, listening to the words of others and seeking advice.

Of course, there are so many modalities that offer guidance and information that it would fill pages upon pages to describe them. Simply stated, whatever calls to you – whatever you resonate with – is the appropriate modality for you. When people think of spiritual guidance, intuitive counseling or a reading usually comes to mind, and those are certainly very meaningful ways to receive information, but there are other ways to receive life-changing direction. Divination tools like runes and Tarot decks tap subconscious emanations of the individual’s energy field. Astrology uses the individual’s relationship to the cosmic energy matrix at the time of birth to offer predictive guidance.

Numerology is a different form of guidance. Actually, numerology preceded astrology as one of the first means to give answers to universal problems and events. Look at how everything is controlled by numbers – from the hours in a day to the gestation period in animals to the four seasons. So, it’s not surprising that by studying the numerical value of our name and date of birth, we can explore our potential abilities and find out what the source of our blocks are. Most importantly, we can find out what our personal rhythm of life is, and adjust our attitudes and schedules accordingly so that we’re not resisting or fighting ourselves, but accepting our nature. We can also build better relationships with those we’re close to by examining their numbers. The end product – cooperation, unity and support of ourselves and each another!

Marcia Stone is the manager of The Worth on Earth Energy Center, located at 12460 SW Main St. in Tigard. Staff numerologist, Lynn Buess, MA, EdS, author of the best selling numerology text, “Numerology for the New Age” practices at the Center.