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Coming Times - Part Three
Revelations of Archangel Michael
by F. Joseph Montagna

Cosmic Awakening
This is one of the most magnificent times to be on Earth, so be awake and aware, and know that you will open to your fullest potential exactly at the right time. This is a glorious era to be alive, and each soul is growing more excited as it senses the closeness of the New World to be birthed. You have come to Earth at this time in order to awaken and re-create another Golden Dawn civilization. Enjoy the challenge! Enjoy one another!

Know that I come to assist those souls who can be the illuminators and beacons of light, who will help to pave the way to the New World by being the awakened demonstration of the spiritual self called “the Christ”, which means ‘pure light and love’, and is the personification of Oneness. I come to teach you how to transmute fear, but in order to do so, you must understand how it functions on your dimension and how to recognize or perceive darkness. Only when you know what is happening in your world can you then neutralize darkness or negativity. You do not have to entertain it or give it energy, but you should be sufficiently awake in order to neutralize your own fear, and maintain consistent balance within yourselves. Instead of seeing through the eyes of duality (which keeps you in fear and in the world of illusion), perceive that which you see through your God-eye. Then you can see through the disguises, awaken to who and what you are, and comprehend why you have come to participate in these greater times of change.

Remember that you are spiritual beings in a physical form who have the ability to unveil latent talents, and to make a genuine difference. Yes, there are tests that your souls created for yourselves in order to graduate to a higher place of spiritual consciousness and existence. This form of testing helps you to better understand your world, to stand up for those principles that will assist in creating world peace, and to aid as many others as you can along the way. Until you neutralize darkness and ascend, you are learning to live simultaneously in two worlds-the world of your spiritual self and this physical world.

Those who are awakening will not need to experience the more severely challenging tests that others may require, but instead will he protected and guided.

For those whose hearts are hardened and who simply refuse to turn back to God, the spark of their own soul is producing these tests in order to help them elevate and experience a change of heart, even if it is just a minuscule vibration of higher light. All humans need to let go of judgment and self-righteousness, and lovingly respect and honor each other.

During these challenging times, the grace of God will always be with you in accordance with your own divine soul purpose or intention. You cannot graduate for another, and another cannot graduate for you. However, you can unite and join together in sharing and demonstrating your spiritual talents and your love for all people, regardless of their age, gender, race, creed or color.

 There are so many different degrees of soul levels walking upon the Earth at this time. There are young, intermediate, old and master souls that are all intermingling together, and they are all in their appropriate roles for developing the greater plan. However, no one can judge another as to the role it plays, or what it is choosing to resolve in a single life experience. Only the source within the living entity knows of its station in life. Souls usually have many different incarnations in order to grow and transmute negativity. Through multiple life experiences, the entity begins to awaken and eventually its light begins to elevate to a higher voltage. As this light increases in brightness during additional incarnations, it accelerates into a higher vibrational frequency, and soon there is no longer any darkness. It was the degree and power of the entity's light that neutralized the darkness.

There are many degrees or levels of darkness, just as there are many levels of light. Many lifetimes through the astral planes are required before an entity shifts to the light and leaves the dark passages behind. You have all walked through the hallways of darkness, but have elevated yourselves through the experiences of many lifetimes into a higher consciousness of light. There are those of you who still have to neutralize the petty annoyances of negativity in order to create a stream of light that will neutralize all darkness. That is why each of you still confronts "pockets of negativity" that arise within your lives, thereby offering you the opportunity to transmute these negative thoughts.

There are specific tests that a human will create during its lifetime in order to ascertain whether it has really put aside its old ways of temptation. However, if you do encounter a challenging upheaval or experience some unpleasantness, know that regardless of what occurs, it is your soul that has chosen the specific situation in order to create a balance regarding some form of learning that was unresolved. You can either resist or mature through the wisdom of the event. Even though you, the personality, may not understand how it works, the soul does. Everything is in divine right order! This calls forth an enormous amount of trust and faith in the journey through life.

Remember, everything is as it should be!

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