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Planets & Possibilities:
An Interview with Astrologer Susan Miller
by Connie Hill

Susan Miller has been an astrologer for 25 years and is the author of the new book Planets & Possibilities. Her award winning web site, Astrology Zone ( is read by millions. She is also a monthly contributor to Self, McCall and Ecompany Now. Susan has appeared regularly on national TV, including The View.

Connie:  How long have you been working with astrology?

Susan:  I've studied astrology since I was 14, and I've been writing since 1988. I started with the bridal magazines, first Bridal Guide and then Modern Bride. In 1992 I began writing for McCall's, which has just ended their astrology column. Rosie just bought the magazine and she threw the column out. She is going to be calling the magazine Rosie, starting next month.

Connie:  So is she anti astrology?

Susan:  Yes and so is Oprah which is too bad. I feel that in spirit Oprah is so close in philosophy to me and astrology offers you a wonderfully structured way of examining your life. I think Oprah assumes that we are puppets of the planets, but I can see why she feels this way. I'm on the news a lot and I keep trying to teach the producers that "astrology is not destiny."

I do like to predict though, such things as trends, opportunity and areas of tightening and difficulty. I also love to use a chart to find talents--this is one of my favorite parts of astrology! I think we are born perfect little babies and that we just simply need to be encouraged to follow our potential.

Connie:  I agree. And I also believe that a lot of times when we are having problems it is because we are going against aspects in our chart.

Susan:  Yes, that is the biggest thing I learned growing up. Things happen that are not our fault or that we can't foresee. But obstacles can be preparation. It's not what happens, but how you deal with what happens. I also think that eclipses pull us by the hair, kicking and screaming, out of one situation and many times into a far better one. So, I always tell my readers, "Don't be too quick to judge an eclipse. Wait and see what's really happening.

Connie:  Sometimes when a planet is aspecting in to my chart I hate it. Like having a Saturn or Pluto square to a planet.

Susan:  You know, I find that Saturn and Pluto are the most maligned planets. With a Pluto aspect, people get scared and think someone is going to die. But Pluto gives you opportunities from very big people. It can also mean money. And Saturn is the planet that rules the things we are most proud of in our lives.

Connie:  What was your favorite part of writing this book?

Susan:  It was really fun writing the history of astrology because it's not that easy to find and it was difficult because there were so many advancing armies and changes of power in Mesopotamia and Babylon.

In 2-3000 AD farmers used the sky as a big newspaper and calendar. They would look at the sky and when, say Taurus was on the horizon they would think about sowing the seeds. When they saw Virgo in the sky it meant "I've got to get going. I can't leave things until Libra; it will be too late." Only the kings could afford astrologers. So the average person needed to be able to read the skies for them selves. When the Greeks and later the Romans came in, they changed some of the interpretations slightly but not radically. It was also interesting to learn that we didn't start with 12 constellations--we started with many, many more. Finally someone said that we need to focus and bring it down, so all of the many constellations’ impacts were consolidated into the 12 we have now.

Also, it was fun to write down the information about each sign and focus on what that sign ruled. I wanted to make it clear that each sign had a special gift. I wanted it apparent that we all need each other and everybody has a piece of the puzzle.

Connie:  Thanks, Susan.

Susan Miller will give a workshop at New Renaissance Bookshop on Saturday, March 10 from 1-3:30 pm. Call 503-224-4929 for information. Connie Hill works at New Renaissance Bookshop and is a local astrologer. She can be contacted at 503-291-8229, ext. 2 or