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Compassion the Greatest Gift of Life
by Susan Luning

The atmosphere of this place we live in called Earth, can be rather cold. Not so much as to the temperature as to temperament. Here in our little sector of the Universe we find ourselves shrouded in a blanket of gloom and indifference. Look about and observe. How many people do you see walking around out there who are smiling? How many are truly happy?

Why does someone who is alive with enthusiasm stand out like a sore thumb? 

Often those around such a one look and think, or even say, " He looks childish, foolish, weird. He needs to grow up." Or, "She should be taking life more seriously. Wait and see, soon she will discover this happiness can't last forever." Have you noticed that when you are feeling expanded and bubbling over with excitement you inevitably push up against someone's gloom?

You will not have to look very far to see we have regressed as a species to a point of joylessness. The Spark of Life- the God Flame within, for most of humanity, exists as a mere flicker. Suppression lives in our atmosphere, entrancing, hypnotizing and binding us with its tentacles of limitation. Coagulated thought forms of fear envelop us as a race. 

So how do we bring warmth and a sense of Freedom to a place, which by its very nature is cold and indifferent? How do we raise our awareness and open our inner sight? How do we break this spell of fear and criticism that seems to be woven into the very fabric of life? 

Have you ever stopped to think that everyone out there, yourself included, has a story to tell? Everyone has a history, a very unique history of experiences that shapes the way they express themselves in the world. There is always a reason, a greater meaning behind our words and our actions, and those of others. Most people do not wish to harm one another. This is a fact. The person that lashes out in anger, sometimes in violence, hurts someone because they themselves are hurting. When the cause of that subconscious pain is contacted and erased, the effect will disappear.

So how do we change our inner atmosphere, our reactions, thus transforming the outer atmosphere of our everyday life in which we move, live and have our Beingness? How can we redirect our actions so as not to step on one another, thus allowing the dance of life to flow more harmoniously? I say the answer lies in compassion. That sense of understanding what another is going through and loving them right on through it.

Dare to look deeper into the hearts and souls of your loved ones, and those who cross your path daily -you know, the ones that seem to irritate you the most and who constantly annoy you - then begin to realize they have a story to tell. If you could stop and pause long enough to read the book of their life, your heart would burst forth in compassion. Understanding why someone does what they do gives birth to the sweet fragrance of all patience and forgiveness. To understand all is to forgive all, and to forgive all is Freedom.

Dare then to look deep within yourself - what are you still feeling shame about? You too have a history, a story to tell. The God I know is incapable of judgment, loving you right through all of it. So let yourself off the hook and compassionately embrace the whole of you. As you do this you will find it remarkably easy to let others off the hook, and your spiritual unfoldment will evolve rapidly. See with the eyes of compassion, feel with a compassionate heart and watch how sweet life becomes.

Susan Luning was born and raised in the beauty and magic of the Hawaiian Islands. She is a mystic and meta-physician who had the rare privilege of studying with a Kahuna for many years. During the 90’s Susan resided in Portland, Oregon where she owned the Oasis Center for Truth and Enlightenment. She is currently back in her homeland of Hawaii.

Susan is here to bring the awareness of The Great White Brotherhood, our Elder Brothers and Sisters, back to earth in this Aquarian Age. She has worked intimately with these Great Ones on the other side for twelve years now, and has dedicated her life to the path of service and that of Their Messenger.